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This one's self released, and fairly close to f'n brilliant in a heartfelt, straight-to-the-point, melodic, and rockin'-as-all-hell way. Boston's Hepburn, formed from the ashes of a few area bands (most notably Absolve), have collectively picked up any past pieces, learned from any past mistakes, and have unflinchingly rehit the drawing board to get it right this time. Yeah, I'm not so sure "unflinchingly" is a real word either. Anyway, its rare that an EP pleases me, as these type cds are often the first rushed product of a new band, and its even RARER for the LAST track ("Good Morning Champion") of a cd to catch my attention, but Hepburn certainly win on both fronts. Check this band out, you won't be sorry, as they contain far more depth and talent than you'd see from half the radio fodder out there. Honestly, while listening to "T.S.B.O.S." on repeat, I kept forgetting that I was dealing with an unsigned, D.I.Y. submission- I think that about sums it up. www.purerockfury.com - PureRockFury.com




I don't say this a lot and although I know it is a cliches of sorts but honestly, why isn't this band signed to a major label? It is a travesty and I would imagine if any talent scout for the majors had a head on his or her shoulders they would pick up on this band immediately. Their "Sleeping Bodies of Strangers" EP is a whirlwind of powerful but majestic harmonies, sweeping guitar riffs and a cadence that changes in an almost perfect manor. Their sound is similar to an ALEXISONFIRE meets FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND, only better and as impossible as it sounds, more mature. The textures within the orchestrations are both simultaneously harsh and smooth with a backdrop of technically astute arrangements. This disc embodies all the characteristics one would want from music like passion, a forcefulness and poignancy. Only five brilliant songs are on this EP and I'm already salivating for their eventual full-length. There is a chance they have made it under the timeline for consideration of the top five unsigned acts of the year.

- east coast romper


"Mistakes and Alloys" (Demo)
-May 2005

"The Sleeping Bodies of Strangers" Ep
-October 2005

"The Twenty Second Day" Ep
-April 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


It was the winter of 2005 when the first flickerings of the fire known as Hepburn would first spark to life. Driven by the frustration of failed projects and the desire to stand out among the hundreds of bands hailing from their hometown of Boston the band immediately began networking and playing local venues. Soon after they recorded their first EP, “Mistakes and Alloys”, at GodCity Recording Studio with Mike Portman of Hot Rod Circuit fame and began establishing a local following. During this time the band tirelessly promoted while continuing to work on establishing their sound. Although “Mistakes and Alloys” showcased the abilities of Schoenfarber, Palilunas and Ostrowski as songwriters, the band felt that a further potential existed and added Matthew Rantz on guitar.

Eager to capture the additional energy fulfilled by Rantz, Hepburn returned to the studio in October 2005 to record their latest record, “The Sleeping Bodies of Strangers”. Recorded at OFHR Studios in Medford, MA, “The Sleeping Bodies of Strangers” is an auditory assault of blazing guitars and chilling vocals that has drawn comparisons to Acceptance, Funeral For A Friend, and Anberlin. EastCoastRomper.com describes it as “a whirlwind of powerful but majestic harmonies, sweeping guitar riffs and cadences that change in an almost perfect manor.” Since its release, the recording has sold extremely well at shows and has received positive reviews from listeners all over the country.

In January of 2006 the final piece of the Hepburn puzzle came together when Bay State native Bryan McGrath was added on drums. With his addition the band has become tighter then ever before and has been able to solidify its sound. Currently Hepburn has been diligently writing and demoing new material in its Brighton, MA practice space. They have been consistently selling out the local Boston venues that they started playing just over a year ago and have been drawing crowds in New York City, Connecticut and other surrounding states. As for 2007, it will certainly prove to be an exciting year as the band plans for their first tour and hopes to have a new record completed by spring.