HER is the fusion of metal, punk, rock-alternative, grunge, and anything else that you fancy.
Two girls. Two guys. Who know how to rock crotches.



Rose Perry, an aspiring singer / songwriter since the tender age of seven met the artsy multi-instrumentalist Kerry Hayden in their freshman years at their local highschool through a mutual friend.
Both Kerry and Rose have undergone years of musical training experimenting with various instruments and have performance backgrounds. As a result of their common interests, they became close friends.
Neither Rose nor Kerry initially had intentions of forming a rock band when they met. Although Rose's lifelong ambition has always been to pursue music seriously, she was not clear on which style she should pursue as she wanted to make sure that her talent would be demonstrated to it's full potential.
Kerry, on the other hand, was unsure what she wished to do in regards to her career, but held strong interest in photography, visual arts, travel, and music.
Rose and Kerry originally founded HER in 2001 as HER - The All Girl Rock Alternative Band. Rose's position was as lead singer, songwriter, rhythm guitarist, while Kerry was the drummer and backup vocalist. The original HER lasted about two years and recorded their debut album entitled, "Straight From the Loft". Shortly after the release of this album, the other two original female members decided to part ways and pursue university to follow their personal career goals.
Kerry and Rose decided to keep HER strong as the band was two years in the making and they had established a reputation within their hometown and were receiving recognition and media attention for their efforts.


Pete Perry, a naturally gifted musician playing Jimi Hendrix riffs within weeks of picking up an electric guitar for the first time, met Phil Mullen, "Phil who does fills", through a mutual friend who was interested in forming a metal band.
Like Rose and Kerry, Pete, and Phil clicked because of their shared interests and common love for music.
Throughout their years of knowing each other, they have been in and out of a few local metal/punk bands, most notable being Solar Apparatus and Bloodclot. They too wished to pursue music seriously, but were constantly encountering problems with their lead singers/frontmen and could not find band mates who were on the same wavelength as them.


Kerry, a drummer/backup vocalist, and Rose, a lead singer/songwriter/rhythm guitarist decided to place a series of classified ads seeking serious musicians to replace the lost members of HER who were willing to be part of this already established band and who could uphold the image and reputation that they had worked so hard to build and maintain over the years.
Neither Kerry nor Rose were interested in having an all girl band again as there were far too many conflicts with the previous bandmates that delayed the overall progression of HER.
Pete, a lead guitarist, and Phil, a drummer wanted to commit themselves to a serious band but did not want to encounter the same problems as they had experienced before with lead singers/frontmen.


Kerry personally felt that she would be better suited to play bass and wished to seek a drummer who had more experience with rock drumming. Rose agreed that Kerry should be comfortable with the instrument she is playing, and, as well, Rose liked the image of having the band female fronted.


Although Kerry and Rose received an overwhelming response to the ads they placed, no one seemed to have the total package that they were seeking.
Rose's father/HER business manager, suggested that she contact her brother Pete to see if he'd be interested in joining the band.
Pete said that he would be willing to try and see how things worked and suggested that we bring Phil in to play drums.
The first couple practices were a bit shaky and there was some sibling rivalry to be had, but without a doubt, this decision was the best one we could have made.

Literally anything from 50s doowop to modern rock alternative grunge. Our diverse musical tastes makes our music original, innovative, and like nothing you've ever heard before.


Wake Me Up

Written By: Rose Perry

Everything is crackin' me out tonight
While I'm feeling so lost in this world alright
I can hear you tossing and turning tonight
It keeps my dreams from coming yeah

Now I've started to toss and turn myself
It's stranger now in this here foreign house
I feel awake but I can't control my mind
Nightmares fill my thoughts baby

Wake me up, Wake me up from this dream

Screaming out in the middle of the night
I'm begging please rise up the morning light
Shadows are here creeping in my life
Wake me up from this nightmare

Sleepwalking outside of my head
My mind is floating, while my body seems dead
Held tight by the covers of this dream
I can feel it coming over me

Wake me up, Wake me up from this dream

American Perfekt

Written By: Rose Perry

Bleached blonde blue eyed tramp
Tall and skinny with that orange tan
Dresses like a slut, everything's exposed
Why does she ever bother to wear clothes?
She's your American Perfekt
So little is never enough
She's sweet and she is innocent
Yeah she's a real drama queen

(She's) a ditz, a bitch, what more (no more) than a label
She's your dream your American Perfekt

Pretends she's sweeter than she really is
Acts stupid just like a little kid
Flips her hair and shakes her ass when she walks
How can you not see that this is false?
No I'll never be her (no, no)
I'd rather be insecure (insecure)
I'm not your pleasure, but I'm your pain (pain)
You can't have me, it makes you insane

(She's) a ditz, a bitch, what more (no more) than a label
She's your dream your American Perfekt

Black haired green eyed girl
Short and thin, paler than the whitest snow
Dresses like a freak in leather and in lace
You could never have a piece of my face
I'm better than your American Perfekt
I'm not sweet or innocent
I'm a smart sexy chick, nothing that you'll ever get
I'm not your dream and I'll never be your pet

(She's) a ditz, a bitch, what more (no more) than a label
She's your dream your American Perfekt


Written By: Rose Perry

Take me away I need a rest from all this stuff I can't deal with
Too many broken hearted long lost memories gone...Departed

I can't live on like this when every hit becomes a miss
I need a new state of mind Help me heal this bruise

Too many shattered dreams have come crashing over me
Too many losing streaks have gone too far

Help me when I fall I wanna get my feet above the ground
Escape this strange confusion such delusion curses me

Too many shattered dreams have come crashing over me
Too many losing streaks have gone too far

Help me when I fall Help me when I fall to the ground

Too many shattered dreams have come crashing over me
Too many losing streaks have gone too far


Debut Album, "Straight From the Loft"

Singles: American Perfekt, Departed, Wake Me Up

Radio Airplay: 106.9 (6X Fm Fanshawe Radio), Fm96 (95.9 London's Best Rock), 94.7 (Radio Western)
Internet Airplay: Mp3.com, Radiodevil.com

Set List

approx. 45 mins, one set per show

Original Songs
-Wake Me Up
-American Perfekt
-Lost on the Outside
-Down With the Junior Stores
-Blame U
-Rock'n'Roll Til U Die

-Say it Ain't So - Weezer
-Cum on Feel the Noize - Quiet Riot
-3 Small Words - Josie & the Pussycats
-Sugarhigh - Coyote Shivers (Empire Records Soundtrack)