Her and Kings County

Her and Kings County


"The big apple always had a great country music scene and HER & kings County are living proof. their potent blend of NYC attitude and southern rock has made them a NYC must see. As you already know, they're ready for the big time". -CMT


If you dig up the roots of HER & Kings County, you will find their time in the New York underground southern rock scene planted very firmly at the base. Front man, Monique first cut her teeth in various pop/rock bands, but it wasnt until she began writing with Caleb Sherman, known for his vast array of talents as a musician combine with his cutting edge production, both Caleb and Monique were able to create a breath of fresh air to NY. A record that best fits to be described as City Country. HER & Kings Countys debut CD, City Country is a masterful piece of music genius. Their mixture of Rock, Country, Pop is present in each and every song and they never shy from the fact of being from the east coast. It aint about pickup trucks and rodeos for us Monique screams, as her amped up audience all holding up their drinks in reponse.. Lyrics such as my backyard, million miles from nashville, saddle me up my taxi cab and now we head down to bleecker st., where the musics hot and the beer aint cheep.., always reminds the listener of the bands NY attitude and gives us a new perspective to southern rock music. HER & Kings County has been a staple to the NYC music scene for three years. They take great pride in being a six piece band all from NY, who are all best friends and band mates as well. Live onstage, Monique (vocals), Caleb Sherman(pedal steal), Howard Alper(drums), Nic DiPierro(Bass), George Kapsalis(lead guitar) and Justin Sherman(rhythm Guitar) are each of equal importance to this band. They bring back the feeling of uniformity, something that hasnt been demonstrated since the early 1970s best rock bands. And, you can catch HER & Kings County at venues such as Rodeo Bar to CBGBs. Their packed shows are filled with fans sporting everything from mohawks to cowboy boots. This band has unconsciously started a whole trend on their own, from the music they write, and harmonies they sing, to the clothing they wear, you never seem to forget that its City Country. HER & Kings County fit right in with some of our music historys finest bands. City Country is loaded with each song containing a hooky chorus, powerful vocals, and great musicianship. This band is pioneering the old school methods of having a musical career, and by the looks of it now, it will be a long one for sure.


"1609" (2007),
"City Country"(2006),
"My Backyard" music video on CMT's "loaded". "Saturday" Music Video on CMT's "Loaded"-2007
CNN Interview - 2005

Set List

troubles, to life, curse the day, you will lay, my backyard, if only, saturday, getaway, life ain't all that bad, water to wine, iroquois, deep six....we play mostly in New York City, so sets are usually about 30-45 minutes which = about 9 or 10 songs. We can cover anything....skynard, eagles, etc. we've played sets for 3 hours. theres nothing we can't do