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"Herbalist Crew Dans les repérages Couleur 3"

http://www.couleur3.ch/fr/rsr.html?siteSect=125 - Couleur 3

"Interview Voix de Fête"

http://blogs.rsr.ch/voix-de-fete/nouvelle-voix-pour-herbalist/ - Pascal Schouwey


This opus, is as a series of momental photos, of freeze frames of the state of the world and the human condition.
Herbalist asserts his singular style, a current and urban music bringing out traditional clichés of Rap and Reggae and the setof which wants humanist and unifier.
The subjects of certain titles are treated with depth and reflection, whereas the others are it with more lightness.

Herbalist Crew does not claim to be able to revolutionize the mentalities, but to join this almost traditional current of responsible and united artists.
We are still of those who think that the music can change the customs and develop the spirits, convey a universal message, capable of gathering and of mobilizing the consciousnesses.

And if we are known for our texts engaged with "Herbalizm", we make a step furthermore and transform our comments into acts. Because if each becomes aware of the place and its role, he must be able to show it. So, when the city will be " junglisée ", every individual generally, the citizen in particular will understand that he can again act and improve his quality of life!
With the association " Pousse-vert ", we try to reintroduce in a wild way the Nature in urban zones. Henceforth in the form of actions of " Green Guerrilla warfare ", we plant shrubs and flowers in surprising or improbable places of the city.

The front cover of the album illustrates this concept; we see two "Herbalists" there throwing cocktails "vegetables-boosters" in a universe apocalyptic comment and stimulating a vegetation which seems to invade the city of a way, almost anarchy.

We support any action which can go to the senseof a city more pleasant to live, whether it is in the organization of demonstrations of district or in the fulfillment of beautiful frescoes on the grey facades. It contributes little by little to return the citizens responsible for their places of life by inciting them to re-appropriate their direct environment. An urban environment certainly, but where the Nature has to find its place and of the sense in our lives.

In the longer term this concept will be the stake in action(share) and the individual expression of a stand to the Nature, but not only. We do not laud a total return in the Nature but we assert the will to protect our environment and a more human lifestyle.
A hope symbolized by Toyin on the reverse of the dress handkerchief and which calls each to the action(share) by planting a seed.
Finally, Herbalist Crew also makes a commitment outside for the others "Green" cause(talk), by putting back

A part of its artistic income and by supporting various operations of reforestation in zones where it is a vital need for the autochtons (Sahara, Haiti).

Indeed to live it is also to live more simply and in a fairer way.

Let us recreate the link between the man and its immediate environment whatever it is.

- By Herbalist Crew


Herbalizm (march 2010)
Suisse Urban Music (summer 2008)
Reggae.ch VOL. 2 (summer 2006)
Live at Ella’s (Live, summer 2003).
We are in the Repérages de Couleur 3 ( the Swiss reference radio): http: // www.couleur3.ch / fr / rsr.html? SiteSect=100



In the middle of the 90s, Trifinga was already active on the Genevan scene with various formations. A period in the course of which he crossed the various alternative scenes of the region, among which the mythical “Goulet” of Chêne-Bourg, founding bastion of the reggae in Geneva.

In 1999, the arrival of Joha ' will really seal the birth of Herbalist. From then on, a complicity in the writing established, their voices complement each other, answer, the musical color is found.

During a journey in Jamaica in 2001, they recorded several titles in Kingston in the Studio 3.2.1 Strong Aka Cell Block, where from they will return a vinyl 45 tours “Dominants Dominés”.

But it is on stage that Herbalist will become known and will forge its reputation, playing on the best French-speaking scenes and nearby France. Their at once energetic and festive music, allied to texts in French, well-kept, without concessions, allows them to conquer a wide public. A recognition which will be worth to them recording in 2003 a live album on prestigious scene Ella Fitzgerald.

From then on, they participate in various projects such as the compilation Reggae.ch Vol.2 which will give rise has a tour in Switzerland with the Swiss Reggae Unity, and the compilation FCMA and Couleur 3, called Switzerland Urban Music.
In 2007, the singer Toyin, joined the duet, enriching the universe of Herbalist with soul elements and texts in English.
They dedicate themselves then actively to the creation of new compositions which appear on the album Herbalizm today.

Our Album, Herbalizm, is as a series of momental photos, of freeze frames of the state of the world and the human condition. The subjects of certain titles are treated with depth and reflection, whereas the others are it with more lightness. The set wants humanist and unifier.
This opus was recorded in the Studio Lionpaw Cultural Warriors ( GVA) and mainly mixed in England.
This one consists of 16 tracks in colors reggae varied, proposing atmospheres at once soul, funk and jazz, or the text in French remains priority. The arrival of the singer Toyin however allowed the mixture of texts in English quite as both vocal present featurings. So, we find English Murray Man on the piece Tell me Why and the Jamaican Chico, on Real Friends. We also rediscover two famous speech of Thomas Sankara and the Abbé Pierre put in music.