Islands & oceans. Music of the cosmos; uniting, drifting, embracing, not self-consciously psychedelic. Music of the earth dirt; driving, dirging, celebrating. Seance, not exorcism. Early-70's private press records run thru a dusty, cracked & scratched kaleidoscopic prism of a needle.


HERBCRAFT is the new project of Maine musician Matthew Lajoie and members of the bands Tempera and Planets Around the Sun.

Prior to HERBCRAFT, Lajoie put the majority of his time and musical energy into the experimental folk-blues group Cursillistas, which he founded and fronted for five years, playing nearly 100 shows and releasing four official full-length albums, one 7" vinyl single, and countless handmade limited edition CD-Rs and cassettes. The band's releases were featured and reviewed on Stereogum, Tiny Mix Tapes, and The Wire magazine (UK).

HERBCRAFT finds Lajoie & co. indulging a love for obscure late-60s / early-70s psych/kraut/prog-rock records, as well as classic rock, Brazilian & Saharan psych, and East-Indian ragas, with as much emphasis on free, in-the-moment improvised & meditative jams as blues-and-folk-based rock songs.

The debut album--Herbcraft Discovers The Bitter Water Of Agartha--was conceived of as a long-lost 1973 private press record by a fictional band called HERBCRAFT. Inspired by such concept records as Aphrodite's Child's "666", Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon", Walter Wegmüller's "Tarot", and Paul Kantner & Jefferson Starship's "Blows Against The Empire", the album is a narrative sonic record of an "Earthcraft" traveling to the center of the Earth and encountering the advanced civilization of Agartha at the Earth's core.

In its live incarnation, HERBCRAFT features an equal mix of songwriting and full-band improvisation, with lead guitar lines from both guitarists mixing with analog synthesizers, echo-chamber vocals, dulcimer strums, tape loops, flutes, tablas and bells. A free-flowing river with branches to hold on to when a particular environment deserves a closer look.


Herbcraft: "Sa" (tour-only limited cassette, self-released)

Debut official full-length LP coming MAY 2010:

Herbcraft Discovers The Bitter Water Of Agartha LP (Hello Sunshine Records, HS-002)

Set List

Improvisation and songs; typically no cover songs; can perform a 20-to-60 minute set.