Herb Dale

Herb Dale

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Herb Dale's passion is songwriting, but he lives to play country music. A seasoned musician, Herb is a regular performer in country and folk venues in Toronto. In 2007 he was joined by backup singer Fran McCann and they became known as The McDales.


Herb Dale has been performing in Toronto for over two decades. As a seasoned bass player, Herb has joined the stage with some of Toronto's finest musicians. He released his first full-length CD in Sept 2006 "It Was About Time" which reflects the styles of his traditional country and bluegrass heroes, but with his own musical twist.

He is known fondly in the Toronto music scene as “uncle” Herb, by a generation of young musicians who have received his support and encouragement over the last decade. Many of these same musicians started performing at his open stage at Shakespeare’s Café, which ran 7 days a week for almost 4 years.

Currently, he hosts a very popular open stage every Thursday night at Dave's Gourmet Pizza, and the "It Takes Two" series for performing Duos at the Renaissance Cafe.

Herb commented once, "I will take any opportunity I can get to play, but my passion is writing songs. It is my dream to have some of the younger musicians to pick up my songs and cover them".

Festivals and events that Herb has performed at include Winterfolk V (2008), Winterfolk VI (2009) ,Toronto CityWide Roots Festival Groovy Monday Stage(2008), Concert for Peace VI at Mel Lastman Square (2007), and a number of fundraising events including "Every Note Counts" a fundraiser for the music Therapy program at HSC, (2009), Canadian Cancer Society Benefit, Roar Up Kilimanjaro for the CFID (2006), The Bike For Life Benefit (2006), and The Sammy Sugar Festival (2007)

Herb continues to stay connected with the local indie music scene, he can be found around town playing 2-3 nights a week, and he continues to write and promote his original songs.


Bloodshot Glow

Written By: Herb Dale

Bloodshot Glow
copyright Herb Dale 2003
Em 4/4

It’s been three months since my baby said goodbye
It’s been ninety days of me trying to figure out why
The rent’s not paid and I don’t have lights
But I can find that bottle at night
Through a bloodshot glow

To buy some time I sold our car
I’ve smoked more cigarettes and never played my guitar
There seems no reason for me to care
‘Cause I wake up and she’s not there
There’s a bloodshot glow


Through a bloodshot glow
Where she and I used to go
I stare at her picture
I carry it with me don’t you know
I stagger home and the closing show
And I feel the tears starting to flow
Through a bloodshot glow
Through a bloodshot glow


I wish she’d come back, Lord I miss her so
I begged and I pleaded but she said no
She said I hurt her just holding her hand
And I guess I just don’t understand
Through this bloodshot glow


You're Around

Written By: Herb Dale

Copyright Herb Dale- 2002

My strength, my style, my heart, my smile
They’re there because you are
My pain, my sorrow, my doubts about tomorrow
They’re gone, oh … so far
Every second, every hour, our love has power
To beat all that’s odd
Your kiss, your touch, I’m blessed this much
The one to thank is God.


I can’t see me without
You around
I’d be like a tree without
Solid ground
To keep me from falling down
I was lost
Now I’m found
‘Cause you’re around

Take my time, take my life, give your hand, be my wife
I’ve never been so serious
The flue, a bug, a designer drug
Couldn’t make me more delirious
Now I know old cupid, he’s not so stupid
His target was my heart
If the world needs beauty, then it’s your duty
God made you pure art.


Drivin' Away (From Another Broken Heart)

Written By: Herb Dale SOCAN 2005

The things we did together
In the short time I was there
Showed more comfort than most
Maybe I really do care
But back on the road again
My mind is torn apart
I glance into my rear view mirrors
And drive away from another broken heart

I’m drivin’ away from another broken heart
What I needed, she gave just fine
I’m drivin’ away from another broken heart
But is it hers or is it mine?
It could be the rain on the windshield
Or my tears, when did they start?
Maybe I’d better gear down and stop
Drivin’ away from another broken heart

But I’ll be back some day soon
If she loves me she’ll be there
Maybe I’ll just call her sometime
And tell her how much I care
My knuckles are white on the steering wheel
And my mind is torn apart
Maybe I’d better stop and think about
Drivin’ away from another broken heart


Like Good Old Willie Nelson

Written By: Herb Dale

If I could sing like Jones or Cash, well maybe I’d have a little
If I had half of Charlie’s Pride, wouldn’t be stuck in the middle
Dolly might just Pardon me ‘cause my coat’s only one colour
I’m Straight and I’m Wright, if I only had a dollar

If I had Eddie’s Money, wouldn’t be Owen on my car
If I could wail like Mr. Jennings, could be a big country star
If I had Johnny’s Paycheck at the end of every week
If I wrote like good old Hank, I wouldn’t be up the creek

I keep on writin’ and fightin’ to put my name up in lights
It’s disaster what they’re after
I’ll be doin’ cover tunes all night
I wouldn’t mind if just one time I could write songs, maybe sell some
Maybe I’be be Big and Rich, like good old Willie Nelson


I have fished in Urban Brookes, held some big ones by the Gill
And I have found just enough Faith to climb up any old Hill
I’d put a fair Price on my tunes, then buy up Rascal Flatts
And I would be a Lonestar among folks in cowboy hats.


It Was About Time

Written By: Herb Dale

It was about time
When temptation pushed me deeper into the depths of Hell
That was before
I searched and I learned the truth I know that I learned it well
Those wild nights and reckless days
Stripped me of every dime
One day love came into my life It was about time

It was about time
For me to take my past and push it away
It was about time
For me to make the best of each and every day
She found me on a downhill slide
Helped me feel I was in my prime
Love gave me back my wounded pride It was about time


It was about time
When I didn’t care who’d been hurt
By the evil things I’d done
But by and by
She carried me out of the darkness into the waiting sun
She took control of my evil ways
And helped me start the climb
I’d found my place in life It was about time


Tag lines:
In love at last
It was about time
And now I’m happy
It was about time….

MOUNTAIN WOMAN (Dance Your Life With Me)

Written By: ©Herb Dale -2003

I could see she came from the mountains
Somewhere near Tennessee
The way she smiled and cocked her head
When she smiled down at me
She leaned on my shoulder
So I took a chance
I stood up into her arms
Said "Mountain girl let's dance"


Mountain woman, mountain woman
Take a chance on me
Mountain woman, mountain woman
Dance your life with me


Soon I was back on the highway
She was heavy on my mind
I turned around at twenty miles
Couldn't leave that girl behind
She dropped her tray when I walked in
I swept her into my arms
We danced around the restaurant
And I laid on my charms




Herb Dale: Bloodshot Glow, November 2004, Demo. CD ( 4-originals songs, cross-genre, country, bluegrass, blues, jazz).
Herb Dale: Ticket (in my hand) January 2005 Demo CD (4 original songs).
Herb Dale- It Was About Time, September 2006 - Full CD - 10 original tunes, 2 cover songs. (As traditional country as it gets)

Set List

Typical set, 40 minutes, 12-15 songs each.
Typical gig 3 sets.

Song List:
Alone With You
Ashes of Love
Bad Moon Arisin’
Bad News (Travels like Wildfire)
Blue Eyes (cryin’ in the rain)
Bobby McGee
Bye Bye Love
Crazy Arms
Cryin’ My Heart Out
Detroit City
Folsom Prison
Good Hearted Woman
Heartaches By the Number
Help Me Make it Through the Night
Hey Good Lookin’
Honky Tonk Man
Honky Tonkin’ (Round this Town)
House of the Rising Sun
I Can Get Off On You
I Fall to Pieces
I Still Miss Someone
I Walk the Line
If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
If I Were A Carpenter
Is Anybody Goin’ to San Antone
It Doesn't Matter Anymore
It’s Good to Be Back Home Again
Just To Satisfy You
Kansas City
King of the Road
Love of the Common People
Lonesome Fugitive
Lucille (Kenny Rogers)
Make the World Go Away
Mama Tried
Mammas Don’t Let Your Babys Grow Up to Be Cow