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The best kept secret in music


"Perdition - waters of oblivion (Indie)"

Picking up from where Nothing Else Remains left off, Perdition have further honed their collective skills, and put forth an album almost too enjoyable to want to call it gothic. While Perdition have remained very true to their particular style and sound, the song-writing has improved quite a bit, even between Nothing Else Remains and this most recent release, Waters of Oblivion. Waters holds a more solid vision of the band's direction, which captures three decades of gloom and doom-laden metal, and the spirit of the early wave of gothic music.

The two are blended together in a very functional way, similar to a painting, with a proper use of positive and negative space throughout the songs.

With each track interlaced between another, the consistency of the album is able to be displayed properly, while never taking away from the songs themselves. In a similar fashion, the vocals of Jenn and Chris work with, and play against each other, aiding to the dynamics of the album.

Overall, Waters of Oblivion is a strong progression for a band with a healthy starting point. It gives any listener a clear indication that the band is headed in the right path, but the way Perdition progresses, any direction could be the correct one. - Amber Strain (seventh-circle.com)

"Perdition - nothing else remains (Indie)"

In a scene that is heavily comprised of snyth-focused compositions and techno-driven rhythms, Toronto- based band Perdition has emerged to inject a little bit of old school flavour back into the realms of gothic and industrial music while creating a sound unique unto themselves. Hard-edged vocals mixed with fluid melodies, strong bass-lines and fervent guitar musings merge to produce sounds reminiscent of bands such as Godflesh and My Dying Bride.

Their new EP release “Nothing Else Remains” is a 6 track compilation by the band (with additional re-mixes) that varies from raw declarations of denial to embittered pleas all backed with a relentless beat. Influenced by a spectrum of genres ranging from goth metal to punk, the band infuses it’s productions with a diversity of sound and an infectious immediacy that any audience would find enticing.

The strength of this EP lies in it’s layered combinations of dark brooding lyrics supported by Chris’ deep guttural tones and Jen’s ethereal backing melodies pushed and pierced by emotionally charged guitar strains, and aggressive rhythms. Melodies are often woven through layers of ambient noise, haunting chords and rough acoustics allowing the band to move beyond the constraints of the gothic genre, providing a unique and emotionally charged experience for the listener.

“Nothing Else Remains” is appealing for it’s raw emotion, diversity of sound and solid beat; definitely worth a listen for those longing for a little variety. - Erica - torgoth.com

"Beautiful Chaos"

The air was charged just a little more than usual as I climbed the stairs at FunHaus on Queen. The venue has hosted numerous theme nights from fetish masquerades to the ever-popular “Dark Raves.” But tonight was a little different, as it was a unique fusion of creative talents showcasing local fashion designers, DJ’s and live music to create Beautiful Chaos.

I got there just a little before the doors officially opened to discover that there was indeed some chaotic energy as the performers and participants were rushing around preoccupied with last minute adjustments. Not surprising considering the logistical challenges of coordinating three different disciplines into a cohesive whole. In truth, there was nothing Chaotic in putting this show together and the credit should go to Michelle (Minx Clothing), Steven (Perdition) and Bianca (Wicked Talent) for pulling this unique project off.

I had the opportunity to speak with Michelle and Steven earlier in the month about the concept behind Beautiful Chaos. In short, they felt the Goth scene in Toronto needed a boost in spirit and in the creative community. What better way than to merge, “Music, Fashion, and fun – all in one!” It certainly was that. A good crowd had assembled and the DJ’s Morgana, Th’ Elf and Steven (yes, the same Steven!) did an excellent job warming up the crowd. Th’Elf, a DJ of notable repute from Kitchener, did a superb job MC’ing the show.

The first feature of the evening was the Wicked Talent Fashion show featuring creations by Dark Destiny Designs, Healing Heart, Ego Assassin and Futurstate as worn by the Wicked Talent models. It was an eclectic array of texture and colour. Dark Destiny’s line leans towards the archetypal dark, brooding mood with PVC being the material of choice while Ego Assassin’s line embraces latex for a more provocative almost fetish stance. This was countered by Futurstate’s “Cyber” PVC look with lots of reflective-tape accents. Healing Heart’s work contrasted sharply with lots of colourful fun-fur with vegan-inspired slogans incorporated into the clothing. But this was only the beginning!

There was a short break and then Perdition took the stage with their dark, hard-edged songs showcasing their latest album “Worthless Words of Poison.” The band was psyched and put their hearts into the performance. I’ve also noticed over past few shows they’ve become much tighter and edgier. The songs themselves reflect this dark earnestness. It will be interesting to watch them over the next while, promising to say the least. Memorable songs included: “Cursed Girl,” “War Becomes Me,” and “Merits of the Flesh,” – all new material.

The band often performs with their personal Go-Go Dancers: “The Bloodflowers” but in this context it created a nice precursor to the highlight of the evening: the collaboration with Minx Clothing.

The aim of Minx Clothing, the creations of Michele Cooper, has always been to not only create fun, distinctive club gear, but clothing that creates flattering lines to compliment any body type. Michele has officially been in business for three years, but has worked in the garment industry for a number of years. She’s been Memorable pieces included a banker’s pinstripe two-piece that was a stylish fusion of elegant sexiness! That was the operative word here – sexy! – and Michelle’s designs are just that. Her creative use of contrasting silver tones with zipper and grommet accents nicely breaks up the predominant, mandatory black.

She also enjoys creating flattering pieces for men as well, something that is lacking on the dark fashion scene (Are you listening designers? Guys like clothes too!)

The final flourishes to Minx’s show were the tableaux used to show off the line. We watched a cocktail party unfold onstage, a boyfriend burdened by his girlfriend’s zealous purchases, a pillow fight at a kinky slumber party and some burlesque titillation all tastefully done, courtesy of the Shameless Dames Burlesque Troupe. This coupled with Perdition’s hard-edged covers of “Time after Time” (Cyndi Lauper), “I Give to You” (Nitzer Ebb), “Addicted to Chaos” (Megadeth), and “Logical Song” (Supertramp) rounded out the presentation nicely, and judging by the audience’s response, was received warmly.

As a post-script, Wicked Talent threw together an irreverent, wacky beauty-pageant that was amusing but left this reviewer scratching his head at the correlation. Perhaps a playful stab at the pretentiousness of the fashion community? Perhaps, but the playfulness of the evening and the lack of pretense was evident throughout the night – no Karl Lagerfeld’s or paparazzi here thankfully. Nothing but a fun much needed creative atmosphere of camaraderie! - Kit McAllister from Morbid Outlook

"Neutral / Beautiful Chaos warm up"

“I write music for myself, not anyone else. As far as I know, we only have one fan anyway,” quipped Steven, lead guitarist for Perdition, while we shared a cigarette outside. I had to laugh because the “one fan” reference was far from the truth. It was a cold and rainy evening on March 31st. I just finished watching Perdition’s performance at the Beautiful Chaos warm-up event at Neutral. The club was pretty much packed with fans, clamoring to hear some of the band’s new material.

After a two-year recording hiatus, Perdition decided to come out of the gate running, having produced too much material for just one disc. So they are putting out an album as well as a box set. Their new 13-track CD is called “Worthless Words of Poison”. The album is also included in a four-disc box set, entitled, “I Am The Pain When Angels Cry.” The box set includes new material, cover songs (including Depeche Mode’s “Barrel of a Gun” and “Time After Time”-- yes, by the one and only Cyndi Lauper), a disc of remixes and finally, a DVD. Entitled “Like Magdalene the Whore,” the DVD contains videos, live performances, and some entertaining behind the scenes footage that’ll give you a glimpse of what it’s like to be the entity that is Perdition.

It’s certainly a massive undertaking, but artistically speaking, it was one that both Steven and lead singer Chris say they had to do, because of “all the two facedness, back-stabbing, betrayal and just plain bullshit in our lives,” according to the band’s liner notes. “The more pain felt, the more creative we get.”

“Getting all that out there was really personal for me,” Chris explains about his writing process. “It was like a mental colonic, if you will, for myself, for Steven and the band too. And I think it’ll be a therapeutic thing for the fans to listen to as well.”

“The newer material follows a natural progression,” Steven adds. “It has more of a charge, it’s bit louder, but you can still hear the original sound, what makes us Perdition.”

And that sound was palpable at Neutral. Perdition has been performing and rehearsing regularly at Vatikan. But despite being in a new performance space with less-than-stellar acoustics, the band pulled off their 30 minutes set very well. Perdition was in strong form that night, easily the best show I’ve seen them do. And if that evening’s warm up show for their official CD release at the upcoming Beautiful Chaos event was any indication, their performance at the affair itself will certainly not disappoint.

Beautiful Chaos is being dubbed a night of “music, fashion & fun - all in one.” Taking place on April 22nd at FunHaus, it’s a unique collaboration of alternative fashion, music, dance and beauty, featuring Perdition, Minx Clothing, and the models and actors of Wicked Talent.

While the event sounds like an ambitious one, it really came about by accident. Minx Clothing designer Michelle Cooper had plans to host a three-year anniversary party for her company. At the same time, Perdition was looking to throw a CD release bash. The two decided to team up and stage one large event. This was a natural progression, as Minx has been designing clothes for Perdition for two and a half years. Upon further discussion, they decided to include Wicked Talent, a national alternative modeling and talent agency, to make the event more diverse.

Not only will Perdition be performing a live concert during this event, they are going that extra creative mile, working with Minx Clothing to stage a fashion show.

“Every event we do is always a step above the last. The performance you’ll see during the Minx Clothing fashion show is going to be that step above for us,” Steven explains. “Minx is the showcase at Beautiful Chaos. And for us playing live during the Minx show is that big step beyond.”

For Minx designer Michelle Cooper, this is the first time she’s ever done a fashion event like this one.

“The Minx fashion show can actually be billed as a ‘fashion performance’ as it will not be following any of the rules for a typical show,” Michelle explains. “The Shameless Dames burlesque troupe has come on board to model Minx designs in a new and innovative way. They will be acting out the story of a night out on Queen West. Perdition will be performing four cover songs on stage while the performance is taking place, so it will be a very interactive and fun fashion performance.”

Not only will Minx Clothing celebrate its three-year anniversary with Beautiful Chaos, the event will also kick off the grand opening of the Minx Clothing Studio, which will be located on Queen West.

The final major participant, Wicked Talent Modeling & Talent agency will be hosting a fashion show and a beauty pageant for hopeful models. The company will also celebrate the launch of their new magazine "Goth".

And for all you dancers and clubbers out there, take note. Music is a major part of Beautiful Chaos. Some of Toronto’s top alternative DJs will round ou - Darq Angel (torgoth)

"Reflections on April's New Scream"

Perdition had just come back from a long trip to Montreal (March 28th) with The Divine to play at Saphir, and had played at B-Side on March 15th. Any exhaustion from this hectic schedule was not apparent in their performance. New Scream was thus my third time hearing them play in less than three weeks, and I enjoyed each performance. Just when I think they can't give a better live show, they prove me wrong. I can see Chris's passion and stage presence increasing with every show, and New Scream was no exception. The two newest additions to the lineup, Amanda (secondary vocals/guitar) and Monika (secondary vocals, keyboard), are not only damn sexy, but their capabilities and confidence are shining through more and more with each show. Steven, on guitar, always has a casual air to him while he plays, but do not be fooled into thinking he gives any less than 100% to a performance. Thor (bass) is the other longtime member of Perdition, and not only does he play that bass with a devoted concentration, he is also really handy at lifting heavy equipment:)
It was incredibly kewl hangin with Steven, Monika, Thor, Amanda & Chris from perdition... I can't believe how much more punch their music has with the synth drums [rumour has it that Steven spent a great deal of time last week programming all the percussion for their set cuz their drummer couldn't make the trip]... all I can say is: it really suits their style [imho]... I could not stand still... I bounced & bobbed for their entire set... Thor was especially tight with the backing tracks... what a treat for me, as an appreciative musician; what a relief for the audience, after my super-sloppy bass playing;) ... Steven’s gtr tone isn't one that I would use, but it melded with those synth kicks & snares so nicely that I couldn't imagine a better match... Monika’s appearance & performance resonated with a coolness & a confidence that is rare for someone on their second gig with a band... I watched with good-natured envy at Chris with his shiney silver pants [I loooove silver]... Amanda, who was on her second-ever stage appearance [I'm pretty sure she said that the b-side show was her first] has become noticeably more comfortable in the spotlight... nice... I am totally looking forward to the next time we play together... maybe we should put together a drunken jam/recording weekend sometime, kinda like jourgenson & co. without the H... - Drone (of the Divine)

"Random Praise"

"The haunting core music combined with the powerful vocals lured me into another dimension. I found myself sinking into the endless swirl of passion and emotion. A wicked combination. Perdition is a very rare band, reaching one on an emotional level that hides in the dark part of our soul. Definitely a hidden gem." – Dianna, Toronto

I bought the new perdition CD "the waters of oblivion" and I find it much to my liking.

All thirteen tracks are dark, moody and unique. Each song is different then the last (unlike some albums that just repeat different versions of the same song). The lyrics are deep with meaning and emotion giving one insight to what the writer was experiencing. Loss, pain, despair, solitude and longing are the themes of the songs with a fresh view on each. The waters of oblivion possesses more of a louder sound then previous perdition albums but I find it also has more melody then its predecessors.

I highly recommend this album to anyone looking for a fresh sound and something better then the same old crap that most bands are shitting out these days. - Slashedwrists (Vaughan, ON)

I listened to the new Perdition CD. Pretty heavy stuff -- I really liked it. I see what they mean about being more focussed. I liked the previous CD too, but this one is exactly what they said -- more themed. Very nicely done.
- Sheila O'Hearn (Toronto, ON)

"I really worship your work, and your music it really rocks! " - Julie, Denver

"You guys rock!! Umm…You’re the best of the bestest!!" - Katheryne, Toronto

"the CD is awesome." - T.C., Toronto

"I love my CD :)": - Carrie, Washington D.C.

Perdition is an expression of musical emotions that will lend themselves to anyone's hidden despair. Starting from a core of synthetic rhythms and textures, the band fleshes out their cathartic melancholy with aggressive rhythmic figures, that stab through thick washes of feedback and distortion. Contemplative… is the word most used to describe the songwriting and contributions from these Toronto artists, who have turned to music as the best escape vehicle for the tortured subjects of Perdition. The raw demos that Steven Vardy etches for the band seem catalyze the heartfelt sentiments of the other members. Admittedly they don't write their music for the benefit of a specific audience, which leaves them free to honestly express their material with a genuine blend of tempered delicacy and unrepentant aggression. Though all accomplished artists of various mediums, the members of Perdition have gravitated towards music as the most accessible and communicative form for their message. In performance they offer their product to any listener, without prejudice or intent. As always, beauty remains in the eye of the beholder. This is never more true than when a single listener can be brought to the depths of their own anguish by quietly laying themselves bare to the probings of Perdition…

"I love your music. It touches on the depth of anguish and continues to hit the heart every time I hear it." - Nicole, Virginia Beach Virginia

"I think you guys are great...real dark and depressing stuff...Hail to Ye all" - Omen, nyc

The melancholic sentiments that beauty often evokes, can be examined for hints about the profound nature of sadness.

There's a lot to be said about learning to embrace the anguish that life can produce. With so many people simply acting out the necessities of living, enduring its rigors and demands, that there is often very little energy left over for experiencing the actual nature of existence. Within fabricated surroundings that emphasize bliss and escapist pleasures, for the sake of selling a product or lifestyle, there is little to no tolerance for the other side of this equation.

Starting with dirges of obscure lamentations, and beats so profound that they are closer to drones, Perdition sets a baseline for exploring the dark side of feeling. Probing through the lower layers of musical emotion for the signs that will give hope or even respite from the turmoil that is Perdition. Deep solid pulses that sometimes seem to struggle through thick and tiresome drudgery. Often pausing reflectively, these songs always continue with renewed purpose. Drawing strength from a solidified groove, technical sequences of synthesized voicing offer an almost anesthetic relief with their incisive sterility. The unison of voices and instruments bent on some unknown objective, or instinct to persevere. - Fans


Her Beautiful Death (April 2007)













Feeling a bit camera shy


Exquisite vocals combined with enchanting melodies are what make up the Toronto based band, Her Beautiful Death. Formerly know as Perdition, HBD was created by Steven (founder of Perdition), Chris, Ian, Tyla, Cat & Lauren.

Steven, being one of the founding members of the band, plays guitar and composes the emotionally charged music that engulfs the listener. The music he creates is a way for him to channel his emotions and express the way he feels. To this day if you ask him what he was going through while he was composing a piece, he will be able to tell you instantly. Chris, another founding member, is the vocalist for HBD and writes the inspirational lyrics that have a profound impact on their listeners. People or things that have impacted his life have brought about almost every thing that he writes. Ian plays guitar for the band and adds to the haunted melodies that this band is known for. Tyla plays keys and offers her angelic & entrancing voice that increases the beauty that is HBD. Cat plays guitar and her powerful, enchanting voice compliments Chris and together they arouse hidden, deep, dark emotions. Lauren, plays bass with a devoted concentration displaying her passion for music and what the band creates.

What makes this band unique is the honesty within. Each member of the band truly love what they do and want to take HBD around the world and impact the lives of others. Having 6 very talented people in the band allows for very different and unique views and ideas that only add to the bands influential presence.

HBD’s haunting core music and powerful vocals lure the listener into an endless swirl of passion and emotion. As their journey begins to unfold with a new CD, and band dates across the city HBD will continue to grow and show no signs of letting up. Spring of 2007 will see the release of a new CD, new shows, and another new beginning. Combining the passionate lyrics, the enchanting melodies and the angelic vocals reaches the deepest part of your soul. Her Beautiful Death are definitely a hidden gem. A rare band indeed.