Herbert the Entertainer

Herbert the Entertainer


The one-man-band with a delightful sound. His wide variety is outstanding. Relaxing and soothing tunes. Herbert has a large selection of his own compositions. "Ventriloquism" is Herbert's newest venture ! His little 'PEPE" makes a lot of people laugh !


"Boy, you don't need to play with a band...you can do that all by yourself.....were my father's words in the 70s.
Of course at that time there was no Tyros 2 keyboard.....or anything like it.
So I tried out big bands, show bands, trios, duos etc.....only to find out : My father was right...I can do it all by myself.
Well now there is the technology right in front of me.
All the instruments and sounds imaginable are at my finger tip."

Variety is what Herbert loves !
And the variety in sound and rhythm in his music is what amazes people over and over !


The following CDs of Herbert the Entertainer are available :
Fiesta Guitarra
Happy South America
Guten Morgen Grevenbroich
Precious Memories
Sunset Bay
Up 'n' Away
Gute Freunde
I Want To Be In Paradise
The World Goes 'Round
Herbert & Friends
Herbert & Rainer
I Wonna Dance With You
Welcome Folks To Wadena
Polkas & Waltzes
The World Goes 'Round
Romantic Moments

You can listen to Sample Clips of Herbert's music on his HP: