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Miami, Florida, United States

Miami, Florida, United States
Alternative Singer/Songwriter




"Together review"

Migrating, growing up, falling in love and becoming a father, surely made an impact on this South Florida musician.
In early 2000, Gervasio Goris packed his recording gear, guitar, and dreams and migrated from Buenos Aires, Argentina to the United States, where he met his wife and mother to his child. This experience has tought Goris the mature side of life and they can be lived through his songs. As once an aspiring musician in Argentina, Goris is trying to make a name for himself in the local scene of South Florida. Herbieman is his alias, along with the musicians who accompany him on this musical journey. Herbieman released Together under his label Neworld Records. The production took five years to complete, between editing, producing, arranging, and mixing. This is Goris sophomore album and has a more personal approach than his previous work.
3 Songs worth listening to:

I Can Live Again: First thing that popped into my head was Cerati; you can definitely feel some influences. This single encounters rich acoustic guitars and deep bass strokes along with intense drum beats. It is a positve track that encourages to get back on your feet and whatever the situation, it is not the end of the world; you can live again!
On Your Knees: The beginning rhythm in this piece is elegant and dream-like. It then merges into a heavy mix of rock and nu-jazz that just falls into place and makes sense with the lyrics. Over Me: For the most part, Together is composed of acoustics and blues rock, similar to the sound of John Mayer or Argentine artist Diego Garcia. "Over Me" is that one gem that stands out from the rest, because of its fast-paced beats and overall alluring feel.
This album makes me want to: Relax on a rainy day over some Starbucks =
- Jessica Roiz @ Fabrika

"Musician Stories"

Combining two dreams is easy, but sailing for three months to realize them takes real courage. That’s exactly what Gervasio Goris did when he came to the conclusion that he needed to leave Argentina if he was to create a successful life for himself as a musician.

Goris has always loved to sail, and while growing up, his middle class family took frequent sailing trips. During one of those trips some family friends brought along a nylon-string guitar, and by the end of the voyage to Uruguay, he was hooked.

“They were singing ‘rock nacional,’ Argentinean folk music, and popular songs of the ’80s—all in Spanish,” recalls Goris. “I was fascinated with their ability. I was about 10 years old, and I knew I wanted to be a musician.”

His parents, both recreational musicians, loved music very much and were supportive of his passion for music. “They paid for my guitar lessons, bought me instruments and amps, and also lent their car so I could go to my first gigs,” says Goris. He dedicated his first solo album, Little Boy, to them.

Goris’s parents had moved to Miami in 1993, while Goris had stayed in Argentina, attending college, earning a degree in Economics with a minor in Political Science, and then starting his own recording studio in his parents’ former home.

Then, when a political crisis hit his home country in 2001, Goris came to the conclusion that he would never have the kind of success as a musician in Argentina that he could in the US. “I was really worried about my future,” he says. “I didn’t see that I could be making enough money as a musician to be able to raise a family or have a decent standard of living.”

So, in 2002, he prepared to leave Argentina for Miami in dramatic fashion—sailing the entire route. All his belongings, including recording gear and guitars, were packed aboard a 40-foot sailboat that his father had built.

“I had dreamed of sailing across the globe since I was a little kid, and certainly I preferred to move to the US, and at the same time accomplish the goal of bringing my dad’s boat with me,” he says.

The journey took 95 days and there were many memorable moments, such as arriving in Brazil in time for the music-rich country’s Carnival celebrations. One of the songs on his album Together was written aboard the Tremebunda, while sailing from Rio de Janeiro to Cabo Frio. “It was the beautiful coastline that inspired me to create the song [“Feel the Same”], which weirdly enough, has a country feel to me,” says Goris.

“I really loved the beauty of Barbados and also the wonderful islands of Angra Do Reis in Brazil, a little west of Rio de Janeiro,” he says.

And, of course, there was the sense of achievement when he arrived, and not to mention the relief of his mother. “The feeling of accomplishment was tremendous,” he says. - Cherie Yurko

"Herbieman Rocks !"

As a member of SCHERZO, his band in Argentina, Herbieman recorded 3 albums- Bienvenido al Mundo, Dejo and Cándido. Originally from Argentina, now residing in Miami, has released his fourth, and now Solo, CD titled "Lilttle Boy". This self composed and produced CD of 12 cuts is a compilation of acoustically charged songs that merge the borders between pop and rock.
The title track "Little Boy" posseses characteristics paralleling early
"Nirvana". Rough edged, with an unprocessed "direct" approach to rock and roll.
It's obvious to me that there have been a variety of influences, from the old school approach, to songwriting in Herbieman's musical style. Without confirming it directly, I feel a strong influence from the Beatles (in a good way). With a refreshing style of melodic progression, which is lacking in much of todays music, I personally feel several songs have a structure andgood use of music theory that create a hypnotic style in the acoustic ballads reminiscent of the Beatles "White Album". With creative use of dissonant chords, Dominant 7th's and good resolution take me back to a time when music required substance in order to be succesful.
My immediate reflection when listening to the first cut titled "Nice" was of the song "I'm Free" by John Lennon that was an unfinished song discovered after his untimely death and comleted with the wonders of today's technology that allowed the remaining Beatle members to dub in, complete the tracks, and give us one more great work by the master(s).
My personal favorite on this CD is the cut "Smoking in your mouth". For lack of a better term "a raggae shuffle" that has a good flow, is easy listening and didn't require much from my thought process to enjoy it. Producing a relaxing therapy good for the soul.. and isn't that what we all look for in
music ? Nevertheless, as with all self engineered and produced projects, I did feel this CD was lacking in polish from an objective professional influence in engineering and sound quality. However, I understand that budget is usually the detemining factor in these results. As with all artists, we do the best with the resources we have. A great example was Stevie Ray Vaughn. While performing in his early days in a Texas club, a young man who later became his guitar tech and saviour, came up to him and said: "You are a great guitar player but, your sound sucks"!! Being the humble person he was, Stevie responded with: " Can you help me"? So, a great musician or songwriter can benefit immensly from the guidance and direction of others who hear their music from an objective position. And we all know the rest of the story where Stevie Ray is concerned.
Not to say that the sound quality of this CD "sucks" by any means. But, to stress my point that the correct influence of other professionals, can produce miracles with someone who has the "X" factor. Given the professional resources to polish his songs and engineering, Herbieman has great potential for giving music lovers years of pleasure. Let's support him, buy his CD'sand keep him working ! He's worth the investment.
For more information, listen to clips and to order the "Little Boy" CD visit
Herbieman's official website.

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"Herbieman Presents Little Boy"

HERBIEMAN's new Release :: ArtistPro.com :: Information Resources for Music Professionals
HerBieMan presents “Little Boy,” a full-length
solo album by HERBIEMAN
This release contains twelve beatifully crafted
pop tunes with a rock edge. Interesting and original
arrangements of HERBIEMAN’s own compositions make this
record sound appealing to both rock and pop audiences. Little
Boy is very emotional album about personal growth and mixed
Just a couple of months after leaving ARGENTINA and his old
group SCHERZO, HERBIEMAN is already making a name in South
Florida. In addition to singing, playing the guitar, bass and
drums, HERBIEMAN programs and produces all of his own
On stage, his four-piece band triggers samples of HERBIEMAN's
"Little Boy" beats while holding it down on drums, bass and
electric and acoustic guitars. The end result, both in the studio
and live is a musical collage that blurs the lines between pop,
funk and rock and roll, filling the air with acoustic energy.
On stage, his four-piece band triggers samples of HERBIEMAN's
"Little Boy" beats while holding it down on drums, bass and
electric and acoustic guitars. The end result, both in the studio
and live is a musical collage that blurs the lines between pop,
funk and rock and roll, filling the air with acoustic energy.
HERBIEMAN and Beyond
As a member of SCHERZO, his band in Argentina, Herbieman
recorded 3 albums- Bienvenido al Mundo, Dejo and Cándido. The
band obtained wonderful reviews for all these albums where
HERBIEMAN composed and played in most songs. SCHERZO was
heard on several commercial/alternative and college radio stations and some radio and TV commercials. Also, during 2000,
MTV Latino played one of their videos for over 3 months (you
may check it out at http://www.scherzo.cjb.net ).
In 2002, HERBIEMAN started recording and playing as a solo
artist. Shortly after, he headlined in for some of the best clubs in
Buenos Aires and played with other well-known local acts such as
El Chelin and Los Mokosos.
After this excellent response, HERBIEMAN decided to leave
SCHERZO, move to his new home in MIAMI and begin writing
and recording material for what would become HERBIEMAN's
second soloalbum “ProcastiNation”; a record that will combinepop and new electronic-rock elements
- ArtistPro.com

"Deeper Than the Ocean"

Herbieman Biography
Musician/Singer/Song Writer/Musical Producer
May 2005

“His musical passion runs deeper than the ocean”….and we’re not talking a lone handsome Argentinean from Buenos Aires in a row boat. No, it was a 42 ft. sailboat full of his musical instrument and an eagerness to sing in his bilingual English/Spanish. Fueled by the instability of Argentina’s economy and political turmoil, Herbieman set for sail on this 95 day journey with nothing but the ambition of a successful musical career when he landed to join his family in Miami.

The date was January 5, 2003 when (a.k.a. Gervasio Goris) Herbieman decided to round off his college commitments and pursue his vocal expressions which cross the rock/pop/jazz tones liken from his inspirations of a softer John Mayer, an early Lenny Kravitz and an edger Dave Matthews. Herbieman had already accomplished four (4) albums from 1994 – 2003 with the Latin rock bands El Chelin and Scherzo making a splash in the Buenos Aires musical venue scene. Scherzo could be seen on MTV Latin America as the attractive boys from Buenos Aires were captivating a broader musical audience across other cities in Argentina.

The notoriety and uncapped energy led Herbieman to launch continuous musical endeavors in 2000. He formed a music production company as well a recording studio where he developed 20 projects ranging from jazz, rock, tango and folklore for immerging artists in the local area. For two solid years, Herbieman refined his musical skills with all the of exposure in cultivating these new projects which led to finally producing Scherzo’s last album with the legendary producer, Amilcar Gilabert.

As pressures mounted to join his family in Miami, Herbieman was able to capsulate his divided feelings of leaving his beloved Buenos Aires and recorded “Little Boy” his first solo debut in English. With the confidence to play all instruments, writing all the lyrics, singing, and mixing the final product, this well produced album would be Herbieman’s calling card in the United States.

Even after departing for Miami, “Little Boy” generated so much attention that a French car company used “I Wonder” as the main theme song in a commercial aired in Latin America. The producers of the commercial even decided to make a compilation CD with “I Wonder”. Additionally, Herbieman was asked to record another song “Nothing to Hide” at the famed Animal Music Studios in Miami to be utilized from commercial use. Little does he know, Herbieman’s popularity continues to gain momentum in Argentina even as he is establishing his musical vocation in the United States.

Keep watchful of this musical sailor from Buenos Aires as Herbieman has caught the ear of rock/hip hop producer Ronnie King in Los Angeles to collaborate on a second solo project. As Herbieman currently remains in Miami, he is also in negotiations to produce Latin Jazz in New York.

Reviewed by Julie Francis
- Meadowood Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



In 2001 Gervasio Goris was 26 years old. He had graduated from college and opened a recording studio in his old parent's house, in Buenos Aires Argentina. During the recording of his band's fourth album, a huge political crisis hit the fan. " I remember watching the social unrest on TV, just a few miles from the recording studio while doing the solos for Scherzo's song Hoy es el fin", says Gervasio from his current North Miami residence. " It was surreal, recording in an enclosed space while out there people where dying and rioting". After this political turmoil and some serious consideration Gervasio thought it was time to move on, to follow the steps of his family that had previously moved to Miami. This was a pivot point in Gervasio's life.

He packed his recording gear, his guitars and a solo album he recorded in 2002 before leaving his home country. All his belonging went aboard a 40-foot sailboat that his father had built in the 80's. Aboard this sailboat he had the most amazing 95-day adventure that prepared him for his new life in the U.S.A.

Upon arrival he decided to start from the ground up and make a name for himself in the timid Miami music scene. He created his own label, Neworld Records and released "Little Boy" in November 2003. At that same time he met an Argentinean girl that would eventually become his wife and mother of his kids. The "little boy period" faded into a more mature period for "Herbieman".

"I think of Herbieman as my alter ego, my creative self. It is me and it is also the name of the band that performs my songs", says Goris.

In 2004 he started working on music for advertising where he sung and composed for many successful advertising campaigns. He once again reopened a commercial studio, only to find out that what really made him happy was to record and perform his own songs. In 2007 he started recording the base tracks for what would eventually become his second solo album: "Together".

Gervasio explains that "the new songs talk about a new period in my life, a period when one realizes that life has a different plan than what we originally had dreamt about. And that this plan is even better than the one we were originally dreaming of."

With many changes going on in Gervasio's life, the album took 5 years to produce, edit, arrange and finally mix. The result is a very personal approach on the transition of a person from young adult to responsible father. The new album consists of thirteen songs that talk about love, doubt, rejection, rage and the desperate need to share one's life with another being. In essence it talks about the constant struggle of a man "to-get -her".

The new album "Together" has been released on Goris’ Neworld Records label, which also sells and distributes music for many other Latin American artists. His newly recruited live band has been hitting the venues in South Florida to making sure Herbieman's music is alive and recognized on the South Florida scene. Only this time, Gervasio himself seems less timid and with more compromise to the project than ever.