Herd of Wasters

Herd of Wasters


We are a party punk band and don't take ourselves to seriously. We feel like music should be played with the intent to make sure everyone has a good time and enjoys the party. Our songs are short and sweet and happen fast for those with limited attention spans.


The band started in December 2010 between Andy and Kris. The goal was to see what kind of songs they could write given a 10 minute time frame. Turns out they had a pretty good go of it and soon wrangled up a surly, flatulent drummer living in a straw bale hut on the prairies. Herd of Wasters take some influence from bands like Hanson Brothers, Ramones, Descendents, The Queers, and many more.



Written By: Herd of Wasters

She's a teenage party queen
Livin' life fast on her knees
Her dad would break my face
If he knew what she did to me

Her name is Turbo
But little do you know
She's seventeen
We're in our thirties
Goddamn we feel dirty
Cept' for Nick

She's going out on a date
With all the boys who love jailbait
She's still got a baby face
Training bra holds her tits in place


Written By: Herd of Wasters

I woke up one morning
Head poundin' stomach groaning
I knew that I'd fucked up

I spent all my money
On fifteeners of Lucky
I'm losing more than just rent

We're just a Herd of Wasters
Making fun of ugly babies
Trying to fuck their ugly moms
I bet she does anal

We're just a Herd of Wasters
Getting drunk with turkey basters
Can't taste the liquor in my bum
We're havin' a good time

Waster 4 Life

Written By: Herd of Wasters

Well I've been told that my life's a joke
I'm pushin' thirty and I'm still fucking broke
I still ride my skateboard and I'm still breaking bones
They want me to grow up and do as I'm told

This is how I choose to live my life
Cause I don't wanna be an asshole like you

Still killing kegs any weekend we can
Dancin' like retards playing in shitty bands
I'll never pull in a solid thirty K
But I'll always be happier than you'll ever be

This is how I choose to live my life
Cause I don't wanna be an asshole like you


Just Three Dudes Havin' A Real Good Time - 2012

Set List

Mikey Graves
Rocks & Rails
Big Brown Stain
Waster 4 Life
2,4,5 Trioxin
Colon Cobra
Beer Whores
Hammer Time
Punktual Guy
The Asshole of Southern Alberta
Cherovan Apartments
Cosmo Syndrome
Hot Off the Anvil