Lansing, Michigan, USA

herd (hûrd)..A group of cattle or other domestic animals of a single kind kept together for a specific purpose.

A large number of people; a crowd: a herd of stranded passengers.
The multitude of common people regarded as a mass:..


HERD is a band of blood brothers formed in the summer of 2007. The “Cooley boys”, as referred to by those close to them, have been playing music together for their whole lives. They’ve written numerous songs that touch on social, political, and spiritual topics. Their debut album released in 2008 entitled, ”Obscenery”, was recorded at Metro37 recording studio by an Emmy award winning engineer, Kevin Sharpe. HERD doesn’t like to refer to their listener’s as “fans” but rather embraces them as friends and welcomes them into their HERD as full members. HERD’s friend base also known as the “the herdlings” are growing steadily regionally as the band tours and promotes their new project that has yet to be titled. HERD has shared the stage with many platinum artists and rock n roll hall of famer’s and is committed to spreading the diverse sound of Michigan’s indie music worldwide. With the implementation of a new bassist, trombone, turntables, and digital sampling, the experimental sounds of this new album will reach an even wider demographic. The indie-progressive crossover style of their new album is unique and original. It is a refining of their musical evolution, and a reflection of their growth as men and musicians. Their strong bond as brothers will surely yield musical magic for years to come.


Obscenery E.P.