Multi-flavored rock, with twists of progressive, metal, and pop, alternating between aggressive, driven guitar riffs and airy, melodic passages.


With solid roots in El Paso, Texas, Hereafter was formed in September 2007 by guitarist John Lazz and drummer Abe Hernandez. They set out to find talented musicians who could help them write the infectious music without boundaries they envisioned. Quickly recruiting bassist Jason Blackmond and guitarist Randy Maguire, the line-up was completed with the addition of vocalist Bethany Eden. Hereafter's self-recorded and produced debut "The Perfect Life" was released in November 2008 with the initial pressing selling out almost immediately.

The contrasts in Hereafter's music reflect the varied musical styles of the band's members. At times, the songs alternate between the beautiful and the brutal, however, unlike many bands, the moments in between these extremes are shaded with subtle nuances.

Earnest acoustic guitars in "The Open Book" give way to an emotional chorus and a soaring guitar solo. Swirling guitars are augmented with piano creating an atmosphere that underscores the quiet desperation of the lyrics in "Alone in This World". In "Endgame" the band uses odd-time signatures and intricate drum work to add a cerebral quality to the alternately grinding and ethereal hooks.

While Hereafter aims to break the well-worn conventions of hard rock, the band also proves its mastery of no-holds-barred intensity as displayed on tracks like "Bullet" and "Bring Me Down". Hereafter paints with a sonic palette that appeals to a wide audience.


Hereafter released their debut in November 2008, titled "The Perfect Life". The title track from that debut plays regularly on KLAQ, El Paso's rock station.

Set List

Typical set list would be "Bullet", "Your Pain", "Bring Me Down", "All My Life", "End Game", "Evermore", "The Perfect Life", "Last Hour", and "Let Go", with "Opus" as an "if needed" last song. The set, as detailed, is generally about 45 minutes. No covers.