Here Beneath The Stars
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Here Beneath The Stars

Houston, Texas, United States | SELF

Houston, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Pop Rock


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"Band Feature: Here Beneath The Stars"

By: Bekka Collins

Rachel Fly and Kenneth Stavinoha are the duo that make up Here Beneath The Stars, an upcoming pop-rock group from Houston, Texas. With Rachel on vocals and Kenneth on guitars, it was back in 2009 when creative sparks flew during their writing sessions, leading to the duo creating sounds that are nothing short of beautiful. Since then, they have continuously worked hard performing and recording their original pieces, including their self-titled EP which is now available on iTunes.

Recorded in July 2010 with producer Kevin Gates of Engaged Audio (Cady Groves, The Ready Set) their self-titled EP features 5 tracks, all of which possess the necessary qualities of a good song. With their catchy melodies, a demanding vocal presence, and intense, melodic riffs they are definitely on the right track to succeed in their musical endeavours.

Having just recently completed the recording process for their second record, a new single is set to be released in the Fall of 2011 exclusively on iTunes. With a brilliant debut self-titled already under their belts, and new music being scheduled for release, this duo have certainly proved their talent and dedication, showing 2011 could easily be the year which breaks them into the music scene.

You can keep up to date with Here Beneath The Stars on Facebook and Twitter. - Venture

"Here Beneath The Stars"

Rachel and Kenneth are the members of pop/rock band Here Beneath The Stars. Every fan of the genre will be reminded of early Paramore when listening to HBTS. The unsigned band released their EP on February 21st, 2011 and you can find it now on iTunes.

How would describe your music in one word? Why?

Real. It is honestly a reflection of our personal experiences, that hopefully others can relate to.

What would you say is the essence of your EP?

It’s a collection of 5 songs that each tell a story about a particular time in our lives. The songs not only have passionate, relateable lyrics but we wanted to create a sound that was catchy and fun too. They are definitely songs you will want to listen to over and over again!

What are five items you must have on the road?

R- sour candy, comfy blanket, iphone, couple changes of clothes and my makeup stash :)

K- dry shampoo, iphone, lots of t-shirts, eye contacts (I’m blind!), and snacks.

What musicians have influenced you as a band?

R- I have always loved Avril Lavigne and Michelle Branch since I was really young. Great music, and I felt like I could relate to a lot of their songs! Paramore is also amazing and I adore their sound. It’s catchy and energetic, which is something we definitely wanted to incorporate into our own music.

K- I love Oasis and early Avril Lavigne, I’ve always wanted to write music that is a combination of the two.

What other aspects of art do you enjoy besides music (photography,
film, literature, etc)?
K- I’m a big film guy. I love movies and acting, I was in theater in high school so acting has always fascinated me.
R- I do love photography…not really great at it myself, but looking at other individual’s work is rewarding. Photography sparks emotion whether it be happy, sad, mad… It is just a beautiful art form, just like music. It’s all about expressing yourself.

What are your plans tour-wise for the rest of the spring and summer?

We hope to tour soon, because we would love to meet all of our amazing fans! It’s a work in process!

How would you describe your personal fashion style?

R- For me, it’s all about whatever feels right for the day. I can’t really be thrown into one trend…I like creating my own style!

My shoe of choice though would have to be TOMS and converse, not really a high-heel type of girl, but I do enjoy dressing up. I also have an obsession with Glamour Kills right now! My closet is filled with it. Love the blasts of color, quotes and the fun they embody in their clothing!

K- I do enjoy wearing brightly colored shirts. Jeans, black shorts and converse pretty much sum me up.

What would you say was the song/band that changed your life?

R- Avril Lavigne…I felt like she was explaining me and what I was feeling as a teenager. I just felt understood, and we all need that right? That is what music is all about, feeling connected.

K- Oasis… I saw a live performance of their song “Columbia” on TV one day that I stayed home sick from school. I just thought how
cool it looked, and I knew I wanted to do that.

What has been your favorite show you have played so far?

K- Played a benefit show for houston’s homeless. Great cause, and it was a cool intimate venue.

R- I would agree. Everyone was so nice and it felt great to do our part to help out!

What other musicians would you like to work with in the future?

Anyone who has great, catchy music! I know that isn’t really specific, but honestly if it feels right it feels right.

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Release Date: 2.21.11

Debut Self-Titled EP for Here Beneath The Stars


1. Woe, Is Me
2. Say Goodbye
3. Good Enough
4. I'm Not Alone
5. Everlasting



Take a risk. Feel empowered. Never let anyone tell you, you can't. Follow your dreams.

Guys, we are so excited to show you our self-titled debut EP for Here Beneath the Stars! It has been a long process but it's been worth it. We hope you love it as much as we do! Each song is a piece of us, and a piece of us that we want to share with you.

Message us, give us a shout and don't be shy! We want to talk to each and every one of you!

Lets be friends,
Rachel & Kenneth :)