Here Come The Birds

Here Come The Birds

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This indie influenced post punk 5 piece from Newcastle deliver a live show with an urgency and energy that hooks you in right away. This is backed up by their debut EP that carries a depth and resonance that keeps the listener coming back for more.


Here Come the Birds formed as a five piece in 2005, and since their inception they have graced stages in major venues across Australia as the headline act in front of sold out crowds as well as supporting nationally renowned touring bands. Inspired by such acts as At the Drive In, Brand New and Bloc Party, they released independent demos in 2005 and 2006 giving a taste of things to come to their growing fan base.

In the summer of 2008, Here Come the Birds recorded their debut EP at Powerhouse Studios under the watchful gaze of ARIA award nominated producer Greg Stace. With the release of their debut EP the band has managed to carve out an original sound displaying a diverse mix of new wave, indie and post punk genres, combining to fuel an original and eclectic EP.

The self titled EP has been released to critical acclaim, with the opening track 'Bravery and Defeat' gaining regular airplay on Triple J, with music director Richard Kingsmill stating he 'liked it straight away. The vocals are top notch, the band is equally driving. Bit of the Brit Bloc Party rhythm comes through and a touch of indie US punk. Bring on some more please...'

2008 has already been a huge year for Here Come the Birds after winning Tooheys Extra Dry competition 2 and playing the main stage at Splendour in the Grass along side acts like Vampire Weekend, The Wombats and Devo and playing the Perth chapter of the Boost Mobile Rock the Schools Tour with Van She, Operator Please and Sky Bombers.

Review from Mark Bulgin – Marketing Manager of

“Every now and then you hear a band sounding effortlessly familiar and yet offering something different, something unique. Here Come the Birds have that and more. As well as the songs they have an energy which resonates both live and on record. Their music has an array of transatlantic influences, with elements of US indie punk and British angular rock (think Bloc Party and Gang Of Four). This combines to produce an array of great songs with melodies and rhythm to hook you in straight away, and a depth to keep you coming back. Most importantly it’s the energy. Expect some great things to come from these 5 young Novocastrians. Music fans take note.”

Here Come the Birds - as cool as an indie art film only you have heard of, with the strength of a summertime blockbuster, almost like "Top Gun" but more like "Mad Max"…


Bravery and Defeat

Written By: Here Come the Birds

A sound of bravery. A sound of defeat
And I’m, screaming reflections of shadows and dreams
And you will hold that thought coz it’s something of a guillotine
And if its takes a hold for a lifetime
There’ll be no time to breathe

Hold on you’ve got your feet in front of you
I’m not everything I should mean to you
Hold on you’ve got your feet in front of you
I’m not everything. I’m not everything

We’ll cover up this scene
And this we’ll keep
Clash the lines of time with the constant repeat
When I see the time it has taken, I see the damage take control
When I see the time it has taken I feel the, I feel the, I feel the – pressure pressure


I’m feeling no regret
As I watch the clock face shine from on the wall
And I wait
I’m feeling no regret. I’m feeling no regret at all.



Debut self-titled ep (2008)
1. Bravery and Defeat
2. Sharp White Teeth
3. Selling Expectations
4. These Places We Know
5. Trash is Shock
All tracks streaming from our myspace, bebo and imeem profiles:
Bravery and Defeat released as single in February 08 gaining regular radio play on Triple J, FBi (Sydney) and PBS (Melbourne). Bravery and Defeat music video showed on Rage (ABC) and Channel V. Sharp White Teeth released as single in October 08.

Set List

1x set consisting of the following nine all original songs (approximately 1 hour set):
1. Selling Expectations
2. Sharp White Teeth
3. These Places We Know
4. Lack of Silence
5. Enough Excuses
6. Trash is Shock
7. KAS
8. Rats in the Ceiling
9. Bravery and Defeat