Her Electronic Ego
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Her Electronic Ego

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-The Edge of the World*

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It began with a vision. Aaron Kelley imagined a career filled with total creativity, control and freedom. He wanted something out of life other than what his friends and neighbors would call a nine-to-five. He also had, growing within him, words, words—fueled by emotions—that needed exposure. Words that had to escape the containment of the lungs, rocket up through the vocal chords and explode from the mouth. Ultimately, this explosion of words would create his message. But who would want to hear his message if it is composed only of words, without melody or rhythmic pattern? To this, Aaron sought a solution, and that is where he found Justin and Brandon Mooney.
Brothers by birth, Justin and Brandon know the in's and out's of each other’s playing styles. Justin, a lead guitarist who has mastered a multitude of playing styles, is also a talented songwriter with the ability to write rock masterpieces. Through extreme devotion, practice and study, Justin has fostered a style unique and unmatched on the electric and acoustic guitar. His brother, Brandon, is the backbone of Justin’s emotion-stirring riffs. Brandon, who shares in his brother’s gift of songwriting, is a seasoned and experienced drummer who can lay down a perfect beat, whether playing jazz or violently thrashing all four of his limbs on a speed metal tune.
Responding to Aaron’s post in the local classifieds, Brandon and Justin found the third and final piece to their already developed musical unit puzzle, and Aaron found two talented musicians to provide the catalyst to which his words would properly convey their message and reach-out to whoever sought them. Ultimately, by binding their three respective talents into one group, they found their synergy, as synergy is defined as the whole being greater than the sum of the individual parts. That definition holds true in this case, as none of them could have done what they have the potential to do in this band, Her Electronic Ego.