Here's My Chance

Here's My Chance


HMC has a rock sound with memorable melodies that you will sing long after you hear the CD or the show is over. Their show is energetic and they bring you into the show with them. The band members have been performing live and recording for the past 5 years. You have got to check out this band!


Here’s My Chance are from central Iowa. Bring together a variety of musical talents with a rock sound that is not like other bands with melodies that you will be sing long after you hear the CD or the show is over. Playing for crowds of 30 to 3000+ HMC is no stranger to the stage, sharing the stage with national acts throughout the Midwest and a local fan base that makes venues want them return over and over.Their latest CD “Through the Towns” is vocalist Clayton Owen 5th time in the recording studio, not just understanding what it takes to put a hit song together but how to produce it and bring it to fruition from riff to finished product. Here’s My Chance uses the impute of all the members in the writing process working together with each individuals part to create song that fans will dance and sing along with in at live shows.


In 2007 Here's My chance put out a 6 song demo
In the spring of 2008 Here's My Chance released the EP. "Thorugh the Towns" getting air play on local radio stations and is able to be downloaded from the bands my space.

Set List

The set list is made up of all original songs and is between 6 & 8 songs long depending on the venue.