Her Grace The Duchess

Her Grace The Duchess


SF Bay Guardian April 25th 2007 weekly pick Want to capture soul music in one word? Well, here you go: authenticity. If you're looking for good, shirt-soaking, life-affirming soul music that you feel all the way down to your spine, here it is! ...faithful, genuine, electrifying soul revivalists


From the San Diego Reader 8/06
Sarah Reed played in the doom-rock band the Lies and still plays in the monster-fixated garage-rock band the Husbands, but her latest project is a lively, gritty soul band, complete with horn section and three female singers in matching dresses. Her Grace the Duchess takes its name from the Duchess, Bo Diddley's rhythm guitarist, a.k.a. Norma-Jean Wofford. "She's so cool, it wasn't enough to name the band after her," Reed says. "We had to tell you how we feel about her in the name, too."

Reed put the San Francisco Bay Area band together last year as a little side project with a piano, but they soon outgrew that concept. "Now we have this nine-piece electric band with horns and constant over-the-top choreography and a huge songbook," she says. "We're probably the only band in the world that plays Freddie King and Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown's 'East Texas Shuffle and Guitar Duel.' We had to learn it off a TV set."

Still, there are a lot of cornball soul bands playing corporate parties and weddings. When asked what sets her band apart from them, Reed is blunt: "We don't play 'Disco Inferno.' We try to get a good feeling when we play instead of just bashing our way through all the songs with the familiar choruses. Most bands who play old soul either wear rainbow afro wigs or sound like they wear rainbow afro wigs. It's a joke and it's insulting, exploitive, and stupid. Our wigs, on the other hand, are period-correct classic wigs from the '50s and '60s. But seriously, that shit is weak. This music isn't a joke. We're not playing games."""
More info: The band now has an albums worth of originals it also performs. We are interested in touring and generally having the same fun making people dance as we have here in sounthern and central California.


4 song 7" Pink Vinyl EP on Inka Records UK.

Set List

INTRO JAM-and dance
PICK UP THE SLACK -Heather Sings
AINT TIED DOWN -All girls sings
I’M A GOOD WOMAN-Heather Sings
ROCK ME-Sarah Sings
SHAKE IT-Marvin Sings
FOOL FOR YOU-Marvin and Kelly duet
FOXY GIRLS-Marvin sings
MR CLEAN-Heather and Marvin duet
I’M GONNA BE WATCHIN- Sarah and Marvin duet
BIG BIRD-Kelly sings

most of these songs are covers. we can do up to a 3 hour set.