Heritage Orchestra

Heritage Orchestra


Heritage Orchestra is a 21st Century Orchestra that works on a collaborative basis to create new work that transcends orchestral conventions. Using amplfied sound they are able to perform live what is often produced in the confines of the studio.


The Heritage Orchestra collaborates with present day artists from the mainstream and experimental worlds of art and music, challenging orchestral stereotypes, encouraging new work and engaging the public through relevance risk and reinvention.

From 2004 the Heritage Orchestra has grown out of a London club night into a professional orchestra the commands some of the biggest live venues in the UK. It records regularly with established artists, and likes to work in unexpected genre defying ways: introducing diverse audiences to a new type of orchestra.

The group believes in drawing influence from current art and music, getting its influence from today’s scenes and unashamedly hooking up with sub cultural trends and the latest technologies. By absorbing what the creative world offers now, the Heritage Orchestra relies not on the historical significance of "repertoire" but on the potential of discovering new experiences for artists and the public. The orchestra has always aimed to work work with artists that might not necessarily have worked with an orchestra before. When devising programmes they look towards unlikely cohorts that stretch from electronica. dance music, folk, rock.dubstep,hip-hop,jazz and contemporary classical.

Increasingly the orchestra performs using amplification, sound design and other creative technologies that provide more layers to consider amidst the existing strings, brass woodwind, percussion and rhythm section. The forty piece ensemble nearly always perform using sound reinforcement, allowing for more flexibility and combinations of sounds. And only by employing some of the finest sound engineers in the UK are these technical and musical demands met.

Previous Collaborations

Successes in past have included the realization of Vangelis's Blade Runner sound track for massive Attacks Melt Down festival at the the Royal Festival Hall.

A ten date tour with The Bays was another instance where the Orchestra excelled. Backed byt the Bays, music was composed in real time by a pair of composers who transmitted the spontaneously written parts tot he orchestral players LCD screens. Conducter Jules Buckley then chose when certain passages where played and in a remix capacity formed the total structure of the improvisation. This was a unique orchestral and compositional improvisation that drew large audiences accross the UK. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HY54PDPEvvc

A further triumph was the reinterpretation of electronic production outfit, UNKLE. The orchestra was invited to develope and rework UNKLE's music for a one - off concert at the Union Chapel that included a mighty a mighty visual installation by Warren Dupreez and Nick Thornton Jones. Employing four composers the orchestra presented a large-scale new version of the album "End Titles..."

Other projects of note have included appearances on the BBC electric proms with The Streets and Dizzee Rascal, a concert at The Royal Albert Hall with The Cinematic Orchestra, performances of Gabriel Prokofievs Concerto for Turntables with DJ Yoda, work with Amon Tobin, Deodato, Arito Moreira, Plaid, Stan Sulzmann, plus new relationships created with singer songwriter Johnathan Jeremiah, Razorlight, Artic Monkeys and more. All of which have seen the orchestra develop it's recording session portfolio, which is another creative strand to secure the orchestras continued existance.

Launching on the 14th November the Heritage will be committing to a three year programme of activity with the De La Warr Pavilion. The pavilion is a flagship for contemporary arts and culture on the south coast of the UK, that initiates many one of collaborations and collaborative partnerships between artists within all mediums and practices.