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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Rock Alternative


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herMajesty @ The Bowery Electric

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States

herMajesty @ Coda

Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Cleveland, Ohio, United States

herMajesty @ Bug Jar

Rochester, New York, United States

Rochester, New York, United States



The New York City indie rock/pop band, herMajesty, which we first profiled back in 2010, and again in 2011, are back with a new album, and a new label, Bittersweet Records. Plus, the band has had the honor to opened for bands like The B-52s, The Tom Tom Club, Say Hi to Your Mom, and Boxer Rebellion.

Combining poetic lyrics, a memorable chorus (sung by a choir of elementary school children), and a clarion-like trumpet accompaniment, the band’s newest single, “One by One”, is what they call their “most accessible song to date,” even though they don’t exactly say what they mean by that. Nevertheless, it’s definitely one of the standout tracks of the week. The band’s songwriter and chief architect, JP (John Paul? Jose Perez? Jack Pontanopolous? – we do not know), was granted citizenship in the U.S. when he was eight years old. At that early age, JP was already a student of modern Greek poetry and classic Greek tragedy.

“The motivation to use a children’s choir on the new single came from the idea that we are all struggling to come to grips with the promise of our youth and the reality of adulthood while maintaining a connection to the life affirming energy and sense of wonder of those early years” says JP. The band’s principal musical influences include Roxy Music, Arcade Fire, David Bowie, Jon Hopkins, and Eagulls. - Indie Rock Cafe

"Best new releases of the week from NYC electro rockers herMajesty" - largehearted boy, KEXP Blog, indie rock cafe

"Best new releases of the week from NYC electro rockers herMajesty" - largehearted boy, KEXP Blog, indie rock cafe

"Named for a Freudian quote, working with a producer/wannabe shrink, and writing songs that explore the true nature of people, herMajesty invokes the dreamy state that could provide psychoanalysts with never-ending work. Think imagery like nutmeg in your hair, sawdust in your eyes and a dark canal at night interspersed in music that evokes the flights a pigeon might make over a fluorescent city bustling with those who brave the dark. I stumbled across the song "World Smiles" last month. It enamored me enough to include on our April Egg on yo' face mix." - write.click.cook.listen. blog

"Elegant and enchanting. Simply put the music resembles some type of nocturnal dreamscape." - Fuel TV Blog

"The music is haunting and evokes a sense of nostalgia that takes me back to my room in high school listening to Roxy Music and David Bowie. Yet despite that, it still has a fresh and unique sound that I can't quite compare to anyone I have ever heard before." - Ciao Chessa

"Good music draws on influences, but the best stuff pushes the envelope forward a few steps, and often times it can throw people for a loop at first. Did you like your favorite album the first you heard it? NYC band herMajesty flies under the radar, but their new EP Images From the Vanishing Night is an excellent listen. It references such bands as the Decemberists and Arcade Fire, but it takes a few unexpected twists and turns." - Stranded in Stereo

With the attention spans of some listeners now seemingly confined to the playlists downloaded to their iPods, it is feasible that the album as we know it may soon become a thing of the past. For this reason, it is crucial that the first track is strong and memorable. New York's herMajesty achieve this and more with 'Open Up Your Arms'; an epic beginning which includes key elements such as urgent guitar riffing, a blissful chorus and the emotional reach of a more grounded Flaming Lips....'Rebel Song' is a touching tribute to Joe Strummer....After the country-inflected 'Radio Dreaming' comes another unexpected moment of beauty. 'Sky' is a lovely, dreamy little number, blessed with a comforting melody and frontman JP's vocal is captured in its most heartbroken state. Also 'Season in Hell' ends the record on a satisfyingly and slightly edgy note. - Leonard's Lair

"Vibrant, strong, solid and driving, the songs are captivating, there is an element of confidence and seriousness to this sound.” - www.freezer.com

Semi-spacious local Brit Popaholics stretch out while pumping up the glam beats. - Village Voice (Chuck Eddy)

There is nothing bittersweet about this album. These 8 songs are purely melodic indie tunes for lovebirds. This is a band full of well-rounded musicians. They combine dreamy lyrics with Middle Eastern samples giving off a relaxing yet joyful sound. - www.crashinin.com

Big-Apple-Based herMajesty's expansive songs reference several decades of British rock. Glam-style backbeats and come-hither vocals rub up against guitars that crunch, jangle and swirl. Get your swoon on. - Seven Days - SPOTLIGHT

"Jangly rock band" with "mellifluous male vocals that sound, well, majestic." - Timeout NY

HerMajesty's NY-based dream pop revels in spacey, glam Briticisms and a blissful expansiveness that can only be described as, well, majestic. Key tracks include "Open Up Your Arms", "All This Beauty", "Season in Hell" and "Rebel Song", an homage to Joe Strummer. - CMJ New Music Report

HerMajesty wins Sonicbids Spotlight
Apr 25, 2008
Story by: Abby Margulies

HerMajesty is the winner of this week's CMJ Sonicbids spotlight competition. Drawn together by a confluence in musical taste, the New York-based trio made its debut in 2005 with Memory And Loss, and their follow up EP, And Now This..., is slated for a Spring 2008 release. Reveling in luxurious pop melodies replete with soaring vocals and charming instrumentals, the group has slowly garnered attention on the New York scene.

The upcoming release, featuring "Across The Rooftops," was produced by Nic Hard (The Church, Aberdeen City) and is enriched by the string work of Ljova, arranger for the Grammy-winning Kronos Quartet.


Fashion Trance - Single, (2015)
Days Turn to Nights - Single, (2015)
Crystals - Single, (July 2014)
One by One - Single, (January 2014)
Lisbon Street - Single, (April 2013)
The Stranger - Single, (2011)
Images from the Vanishing Night - EP (March 2010)
Operator (NYC) -Single, (2010)
And Now This... (2007)
Memory & Loss (2005) Bittersweet Records, Available through the band's website, CD BABY, ITUNES, MSN MUSIC, etc. "Open Up Your Arms" and "Season In Hell" available for streaming through INDIE FEED.



“My Body Your Mind”, herMajesty's new E.P., is the story of an immigrant son at a point in time where the experience of migration and dislocation and the desire to love and survive resonates in, and in spite of, the images from a 24-hour news cycle replete with negation, death, and pandering politicos.

In the recent photo sequence of JP, lead singer of herMajesty, by Alice O’Malley, the story is written on his body using lyrics from herMajesty's songs that play with the tension between fate and destiny.

“My Body Your Mind” implies that the experience of emotional and physical trauma is grafted in memory and skin; that the fallout is, at once, fleeting and permanent, current and timeless, visceral and physical - like the song itself.

“My Body Your Mind” reflects an eclectic indie-glam sound that began with their July 2014 release “Crystals” featuring Fountains of Wayne guitarist Jody Porter’s psychedelic stamp.  April’s Bowie-esque “Fashion Trance” followed  February’s “Days Turn to Nights.”

Here are some initial reviews of "Crystals":

"The keyboards seem to swirl around you in hypnotic fashion, begging you to try and leave so they can exert their will on your being. It is a track with an orchestral feel, thankfully incorporating some girl on guy vocals to help the listener find their way back out. The track guest features the guitar work of Jody Porter from Fountains of Wayne." - Tender Branson, Write, Cook, Listen

"Crystals" which was released a few weeks ago, has some contributions from Fountains of Wayne’s Jody Porter, who adds a psychedelic feel to the song. The track captures the inner thoughts and observations of its narrator in a way that shows a novelistic attention to the small details that make up life. - Will Helms, The Joy of Violent Movement

"herMajesty royally prance into psychedelic vibey rock heaven." Mostly Junk Food Blog

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