Hermax is mainly a composer of very melodious music. As he is using synthesizers, this can give the impression he's a "new age" artist, but don't be mislead by this connotation. His music can be very powerful and heavenly at the same time.


Hermax was born as Herman Maes on December 29, 1966 in Brussels, Belgium. He had a classical music formation starting from age 7.
He bought his first synthesizer at the age of 18. That was the start of a 'career' as keyboard player in several (very local) bands. After these 'wild' years he focused on his family.
But once a musician, always a musician and in 2005 he started to record new songs of his own. This resulted in his first real album 'K-Tower' in 2005. Soon followed by 'Clouds' in 2006 and 'Gondwana Tales' also in 2006. This album was renamed 'Birth at dawn' to be released by the netlabel Reversemedia.com.
In 2007 He released "Beyond Imagination", a tribute to the vast but mysterious universe.


2005:...(CD-r) "K-Tower"

2006:...(CD-r) "Clouds"
............(CD-r) "Gondwana Tales"
............(MP3) "Birth at Dawn"

2007:...(CD-r) "Beyond Imagination"

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