Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Hermetic is a 2-person racket from Vancouver B.C. that makes bigger and catchier music that should be rightfully allowed. They are everything you miss about 90s indie guitar music with none of the suck. Their much-anticipated full-length LP, "Civilized City" is available as of April 2012.


Hermetic is comprised of longtime friends Eric Axen and Bart Newman. The two grew up in Smithers, BC, and started playing music together when they were in their early teens. Having moved to Vancouver and played in many bands together and apart, the two decided to make a go as a two-piece in 2007. Inspired by such duos such as The Inbreds and The Evens who make the most of their minimal arrangements, the two chose baritone guitar, drums, and vocals as their particular sonic palette. Hermetic continues to be an exercise in marrying their dearest sonic influences: early 80s post-punk, 90s indie guitar rock, and 60s mod-pop songwriting.


Hermetic followed up a string of digital and cd-r singles and EPs with their first proper full-length LP, the self-released "Civilized City," in April 2012. It is available on 12" vinyl and digital download.

Set List

A typical Hermetic set lasts about 12 songs, or 25-35 minutes, depending on the show.