Her Next Friend

Her Next Friend


“Classic American Garage Alternative Rock.”


Slashing guitar work, punkish energy and an offbeat lyrical perspective add up to a unique and powerful sound.


Reeling For Me

Written By: John W. Burton

Fire's burning all in my head
I know she'd rather be with me instead
Outside the house
Her daddy renounced

It's been so hard to fall into line
Can't help but see that it's all been a lie
Hearing the sound
There's a lot going down

Making a scene
Down with the dream
She's got the feeling
It sets her heart reeling for me

The will to believe it's a mighty fine thing
Religion makes me want to get up and sing
The here and the now
I never learned how

Upon my soul it's never to be
She loves the TV better than me
Fight through the crowd
I told her out loud

Bought on the rumour
Sold on the news
Refused her prize
Slipped off into the sunrise

New #2

Written By: John W. Burton

All of the things that I love the most
Rovers rolling down the coast
Foiling all your latest tricks
Pleased to meet you Mister Six

I am the new Number Two
I'll break you down by the time I'm through
Hint: there's no escape by sea
Information please

Snuggled up almost astride her
Smuggled out by a disguised insider
You've been betrayed by your own lust
There's no woman you can trust

I am the new Number Two
You're no match for me and my crew
Kidnapped unseen life of ease
Information please

Dreaming off a western set
Awake but you're not finished yet
Striped shirt top hat's on that tip
Shooting straight at you from the hip

I am the new Number Two
I know One but I won't tell you
No more rides in your MG
Information please

Back out on these prison streets
For relaxing in the ejection seat

Hustling Guy

Written By: John W. Burton

Withstand a vicious wink
That’s what I think
He sang with a sigh
A hustling guy

Caged animal on the make
A rattlesnake
With nothing to hide

He lives on a yacht
Being someone he’s not
And cursing his lot

Roomed alone with a window of hope
His crib was dope
Surrounded by spies

He moves like a cat
Surprise attack
Worked at home in a suit and a tie

It was all that she wrote
And he shaved off his goat

Count the hours, strike off the days
Refining his high rolling ways

Stepped west by three and by three
A scavenger he
An evil gleam in his eye

Fooled himself into staying awake
Ate nothing but birthday cake
He’s gone and never said goodbye
He’s just a hustling guy

Just like he’d been taught
And he never got caught

He only had one thing to say
Who’s life is it, anyway?


Her Next Friend EP
New #2 EP

Set List

Cats in the Garage
Reelin' for Me
Isolde/Seven Nation Army
Hustling Guy
On the Downtown Mall
Handwritten Message
Rain Days
New #2

Set time can range from 45 to 90 minutes, depending on the show.