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Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
Band Rock Metal


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Heroes at the Firehouse"

"Blending elements of Pop Punk, Rock and Punk Rock to create a dynamic, melodic yet hard hitting sound that is comparable to bands from those scenes, yet unique in its own beauty. A fast rising punk rock band from Virginia Beach with an original melodic sound rockin' crowds and breakin' hearts."
- Andrew Hudson, Next Level Promotions

"it's not your point of view, its your attitude"

What a great line, right? I sat and pondered about it for a while and…. Ok. You caught me. As simple yet profound as the title of this article may be, I regret I cannot take credit for it. I actually jacked it from one of my favorite songs by Heroes 4 Hire, an immensely talented rock band out of Virginia Beach, Virginia. A group of hard-working, serious musicians, Heroes 4 Hire is destined for greatness. This band routinely amazes me, but the show on May 29th at Attitudz truly made me realize just how incredible these guys are. Delivering what is by far their most high energy show yet, Heroes 4 Hire had everything the crowd wanted and more.
Combining vocals ranging from angst-filled screams to hard rocking harmony the band provides good old fashioned rocking entertainment. Musically, the band was right on the money. All members routinely perform at a standard that is well above par. But this night was different. It was better. Arguably the best performance I’ve seen these guys deliver—ever. Guitarist Pat Smith jammed in every position possible ranging from dropping to his knees a-la Jimi Hendrix, to running down into the crowd playing within reach of the fans. This was the first show I’ve been to in a long time that not only encouraged but THRIVED off of crowd energy. Artists don’t do that enough, if you ask me. Remember, no fans, no show! Heroes 4 Hire was appreciative of and very gracious to their fans, as always.
One difference between most local bands I’ve seen and Heroes 4 Hire, these guys opt to play only original music at their shows. This is a wise move on their part. In doing this, they allow themselves to be free from shadows of and associations with other bands, good or bad. Some may see it as a drawback because it limits audience participation when you’re talking about a relatively small band. NOT THE CASE HERE! The most amazing thing I witnessed at this show was the audience singing along. Not just shouting out the chorus during a song or two, but knowingly belting out every word to most of the songs. That’s loyalty. Not bad for an unsigned band from VB!
Not only did the band rock my face off, everything from the lighting to the volume was just perfect that night. You may ask yourself, “who cares about those things? Just rock me!” Well, my friends, the little details and extra measures to which a band goes to ensure a show-stopping performance is an indication of its sincerity and dedication to the craft. In speaking of Heroes, these guys consistently give me everything I want and expect out of a rock show…and I’m a tough customer...If you’re ever in the area, stop by and see a Heroes 4 Hire show. If you’re not in the area, check them out online. Either way, you WON’T be disappointed.

- Somer Parker, bandreview.com


"To the Pain" Our First 5 song EP



There are many bands out there competing for the title of the next big rock band, but few have the raw talent and emotion of Heroes 4 Hire. Jay Tuthill’s vocals provide an outlet for the frustrations that all of us experience, while Jake Weber and Pat Smith blend wonderfully on guitars. Tony Kehoe provides a steady but intriguing bass line, and Robby Young on drums gives the whole sound a steady and compelling backbone. Heroes 4 Hire refuses to fit into the pop music mold, instead relying on the sincerity of their music and a raw emotional connection with their audience.

Many of the band’s songs, (e.g., “I Will End You”, etc.) are the perfect song to see live when you’re at your wits end with someone (or everyone!), but others like “Snakes on a Plane” or “Punk Medley” offer slightly tongue-in-cheek appreciation of pop culture, while never slipping into a predictable formula. Check out Heroes 4 Hire for a head-banging good time, and expect to go home with a hoarse voice and sore neck – the shows don’t let up straight through to the end! Afterwards check in with the guys for a quick word or picture – you’ll be hard pressed to find a group of guys who can vocalize your frustrations so clearly and still stay some of the nicest guys you might ever meet.
- J. Sweetland (August 2009)