Heroes and Madmen

Heroes and Madmen


Heroes and Madmen is rock music. Enough Said. Each member of the band brings their own unique style of rock to create this monster that is Heroes and Madmen. Their debut single "Emory" from the CD "The Natural Order of Things" is the flagship release from new indie label SOFA BURN Records.


The Heroes and Madmen story begins much the same as any modern day rock band’s does…four young men from a small town with a love for loud guitars and pizza and a general resistance to anything resembling a normal, working class life set out on a musical adventure...okay they rent a house on the outskirts of town where they can turn up the sound until the plaster falls from the ceiling, and rehearse at all hours of the day night, always playing for a random crowd of friends and family that come and go freely at this legendary address now known for it’s parties and backyard bonfires involving furniture. The adventure takes its twists and turns bringing them face to face with life’s demons. In the end, the Heroes and Madmen emerge as one of the Midwest’s most promising Indie rock bands.

With three years under their belt, and the release of their exceptional debut CD ’The Natural Order of Things,’ Heroes and Madmen are making a name for themselves not only as a band, but as a label. Their appropriately named label ‘Sofa Burn’ is looking to sign additional artists and now has national distribution through Select-O Hits.

H&M has shared the stage with national touring acts such as Seether, Porcupine Tree, Rock ‘n Roll Soldiers, Strata, Lovedrug, Sick Puppies, Ra and The Churchills. Their 2007 summer tour took them through the Midwest and the East Coast, with each city broadening their fan base and bringing their music to an eager crowd. The continuation of their tour this fall will include the Midwest, Southeast and Southwest regions. Consistently re-booked at every venue they play, Heroes and Madmen have garnered a reputation for bringing a high energy live show infused with their arsenal of radio friendly rock to every city on their tour.


Dennis Kurtz
Showgun Entertainment

Stephanie Christie


Debut CD "The Natural Oder of Things"
Single and video "Emory"

Set List

Opening Slot 30-60 minutes
Headliner 40-75 minutes
Heroes and Madmen plays primarily all original material written and released by Heroes and Madmen