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Heroes Anonymous

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Heroes Anonymous is a cast of 6 fiery individuals playing an original fusion of hip-hop, classic rock, and reggae. HA has already proven itself a prolific entity in the business producing over 32 original tracks totaling an astounding 3-plus hours of emotional, political, and real life content.


Heroes Anonymous isn't like anything you have heard before. If you ask anyone that hears us for the first time they will probably come up with something like "Wow, that's really different; you guys are awesome!"

Influences Include: Wu Tang, Tribe Called Quest, Pink Floyd, Snoop Dogg, Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, 311, Led Zeppelin, Phish, Tool, Disturbed



Written By: Abdel Gordon

And with this comes tree will, this means and unchained spirit and if you
listen really close, the sound of life you can hear it and I will dwell there in a
battle zone depicting my own spiritual welfare, that’s it materializing, and out of control it can't be stopped,
so I rise, will share ... when its real and you’re not actin it, someone's gonna start attacking it
you have to put your back in it, break it down type immaculate, keep it raw, keep it accurate,
that means you make contact with it. Show em that this is the stuff, they been looking for, that they have to get.
So you say you wanna rhyme with me, aright, Ill drop a line or three,
im not another blind MC, that means there's no confinin me
so tell me what you tryin to be, and there aint no use to you lyin to me,
cause what I do, is gather the elements, to unite the final dynasty
progression is trivial, will we emerge, and combine, ten million minds
Occupyin the same space, at the same time that's where my rhyme takes you
To the nexus of the knowing, the nucleus of the number, the equation

Never stopped growing in wonder, could it finally be for real?
Well, ask yourself this simple question, do you shiver when you feel it?
Plucks your soul gives it somethin for it to touch, and grab hold
pick it up, feed it well, and keep it warm, when it gets cold and
times are hard, pull this rhyme out of the jar, you'll forget about your worries,
Once your bumpin in your car, I got those cosmic ideas and formulas for success
But there only a 6 month window, before someone else thinks of it next
Hyper-active senses, pick up signals from the future, I go too fast, that why I try to bring it back,
each and every new year. And the people think, that the people want, the people to be like perfect
But personally, I think perfection comes at a price,
Then it aint worth it.. so positively, Im pulverizin, the populous, with the passion no matter your flavor, or fashion its universal
Can't you imagine power is vocal, extraordinary, lyrical mutant
You probably don't believe me, too much sagacity, and its too prudent
People ask me questions, like what is this power that you wield, mysterious and marvelous , you are the anomaly, in your field,
Well I write the power pages that predict each hour of these ages, but sometimes I get confused, and mix it up when I get on stages
Adapt to ya, habitat , but its a trap, no one can escape, one day we all get capped, I'll rap , just to show you where I'm at ,
Cant help but spit the lyrics that always drip straight from the tap
You evolve, when there is another question to be solved , but someone’s always tryin to delve, into situations they ain't even involved,
So step down, let me show you how I rep a sound
My name is Abz, word bond , can I get a pound

This flow, is there another one you know, that you’re never gonna wanna let it go
First time you hear it play, through the air waves, over the radio
I come from planet earth, so there is no need for the formality
My rhymes are just another living conduit of the reality
Some try to challenge it, the gifted and talented , after the end of the song,
let me know, if you like the way that I sound with it
miraculous, spectaculous, all I do is spit the facts with this ...if I don’t believe me , you can go ahead and check it with a calculus,
Cause I'm in the vocal vortex, and the neural nebula,
psionic instincts, helps me to explore this area
Yeah and there is no telling what I do with this, when I bring it back, to the nucleus, of where it all came from, and how it eventually grew to this
Gargantuan monopoly , who gone done went and created a monster
I sent out many messages but never received an answer
So I turn it into energy, illuminating the entire spectrum, you have the perception, now you can see straight through , right to the connection

Step Outside

Written By: Abdel Gordon

Open the door, and step outside, lets go for a ride, you got no reason to hide.
There is no business to do, plus fun stuff happenin too, first lets contact the crew, so we can get the scoop on what’s new.

I don’t know about you, what you think, or have been through
But I will tell you about me, and how I feel about the issue,
I don’t want computer chips on my arm, or bar codes on my neck
I don’t want retina scans, or implants to keep me in check
You might be lookin for some answers, but you are really listenin, you need to
Elevate your spirit, and learn some more self discipline
No I'm not a model citizen, but I still always try to persist to win, Alpha MC,
Highly volatile, nitroglycerine , and I feel like I'm crossing the sea
With the wind at my back, and I'm free to do what I feel that
Need be, constantly outmatching the previous me.
One thing you should realize, you may change da world, and never know
Cause we are all connected, I feel my cupith overflow

On the verge of life, grab your courage and your knife, now eat when
You’re hungry, but don’t skip me if I'm over here a little tipsy, you can believe it
Or not Ripley, but sometimes things can turn right back at ya 360
So they got it and you don’t, whatcha gonna do, he got some in the safe, and he got some in his shoe,
he got some in the bank, and he got some one the table, he got some in the bills, so that’s why
They watchin cable.
But ya cant hack it, you’re in a lower bracket, you need to go somewhere and change the emblem on your jacket.
Instead of hoping to be someone that’s doper than me, worry about yourself, and listen to this real poetry
Owe the real progress forfeit cause most souls are dormant, last scene recorded trying to
Escape into outer orbit, step back, sit down, and shut your mug up
That is the same mentality that has made the system corrupt,
We got to concentrate our efforts, and jump at the same time, that’s the only way to rock this planet back into line!

Why, why trust I, if you follow protocol you lose the element of surprise
This is far from charade, no arcade, do your thing before the end of the game is played
Out, Just for a minute, put another quarter in it, and continue, try to win it
You got three more lives with full strength in pole position, get down go on, complete the mission

So you just get into it, don’t front you know its unlimited
Maybe you wont forget this time, and later on you'll still remember that,
If when travelin down a narrow path, watch now how the coward laugh, cause he doesn’t
believe that he can fly straight as an arrows shaft, while some be creepin around
Others feet leave the ground , while im sorry, I shouldn’t get too deep into the sound
Its just that I believe we are all geniuses of a specific topic, what’s yours, mine just
Happens to be called special concepts, maybe you don’t look, that’s why you got your coat took,
Milk Money, lunch box, and notebook, wash your face, try again, you got some issues
Blow your nose, use your sleeve, we got no tissues.
You're buggin, flippin, crackin up...yo see a therapist
Maybe Doc could help you with it, but for me its just too hilarious

Its about time you had a good talkin, too before you decide to start
To walkin through that door, where they begin to start to hawk you for sure
For real, for your own good, these words should be understood and heard...are you listening?
Lets begin with a lyrical christening. Be there when you work it, take it to the max and merk it, bring it to the elemental energy
That cant help but break the circuit , forcing atoms teleport through an electromagnetic conductor , black out in a vortex, change your whole molecular structure
Whose speaks signs, interactive with the time , attractive to the mind , might make you feel sublime
You need to revitalize yourself , fill up with ambition , take a big hit of this lyrical nutrition , that’s healthy , tasty permanent and unstable ,
Found underground deep flowing, just like the water table, then cynical, tinnical , pull you into this pinnacle, place you on a plateau , where nothing else is identical
Surpass the game , beyond the law, above the rule, yeah I know what you are thinking, everybody love the fool, but nobody can be that cool,
You’re just another tool, you got the match , and I bet they make you light the fuel
But its irrelevant as long as you bring the element that boosts you by when everything else you try is failin it , why?

Open the door, and step outside, lets go for a ride, you got no reason to hide.
There is no business to do, plus fun stuff happenin too, first lets contact the crew, so we can get the scoop on what’s new.

Set List

3+ hours of all original music totalling 30+ songs.