Heroes are forever

Heroes are forever


We are a Christian/hardcore/pop band That has a Very Dynamic music Style that can not be compared to one particular band but many. We all have Different musical backgrounds that make up our dynamic and EXTREMELY Catch style, that music lovers have raved about after every show.


Heroes Are Forever is a Hardcore/Christian/Pop five-piece from Fresno, CA. Since their conception in early 2009 they have not only toured, and played shows relentlessly, but have also achieved many notable accomplishments for an unsigned act. After a self-booked full west coast tour which was Northern CA, Oregon, and Washington, They were also on the popular festival TomFest '09' in Camas, WA. Heroes has shared the stage with bands such as As I Lay Dying,Haste The Day, For Today, Showbread, Eyes Set To Kill,Love Hate Hero, Watchout Theirs Ghost,BrokenCyde and many more. Heroes Are Forever will not be slowing down anytime soon! They've been in and out of the studio recording their debut 6 track EP 'Your Eyes Look Like They've Seen Too Much' With Producer enginer Frankie Velsaco Of Scenic Science music Devision based in California. They have plans to release the EP early next year! Heroes Are Forever currently have a 2010 spring and summer tour in the works covering many states in the U.S. This is a young band with tremendous ambitions. Keep your eyes open for the future of this band.


Your Eyes Lok Like They've Seen Too Much

Written By: Heroes Are Forever

Terror is falling from the sky.
You will never see a day like this again, the Lord is coming to this place.
With oceans crashing and fired blazing, with winds blowing you away.
With the earth shaking all in preparation for the coming king,
Who will you look to when this world is over?
Where will you turn to?
Where will you go?
I never said this was over
I never said this was over
And now he is here.
Jesus come into my heart and take it over.
Make me new, turn me inside out and cleanse me to your liking so that I may become more and more like you.
Tonight is the night, we will all end true life.
God, all of the great nations will fall to their knees.
All, of the future generations will praise your holy name.


We JUST finished our Debut EP in February and will have it for release in Mid March

Set List

Our set is normaly about 30mins.
our list in order from first to last is

2.Tall Is So Easy When You're Way Up There
3.My Last Breath
4.To Whoville and Back
5.My God Could Beat Your God Any Day
7.Your Eyes Look Like They've Seen Too Much