Heroes for Hire

Heroes for Hire


With heroes for hire you will be taken into a world driven by melodic guitar riffs, infectious drum beats and vocal driven harmonies like no other. A mix of pop punk, Screamo and straight out rock, Heroes for hire are one band that will easily join your band to see list.


In mid 2007 there have been line up changes In the heroes for hire line up for a relatively young band. However there seems to be no slowing down for one of Sydney's new upcoming bands of 2007. After playing endless shows with the likes of Something with numbers and other high profile Australian bands at highly acalaimed venues from Sydney Gaelic theater to playing on the famous Bondi beach to over 600 people. What's next you say? The recording of the heroes for hire debut EP will take place in the ending months of 2007 for a summer release in 2008 so be on the the look out.


various demo tracks at www.myspace.com/heroesforhirerock

Set List

A typical set list begins with the song Midnight a song that is really big in sound whilst staying really up tempo to start off with a bang follwed by that we play memories, lights out and bridges which are all on our myspace which get warmly recieved. We are then mid set and play a song about loss of a friend called portraits this is a slow song for the most part but then finishes really heavy which is a good song to just slow it down mid set. This is follwed by Take back, a song called second star to the right then straight on till morning. We finish our set with a song called Wake up which enables us to finsh the set in the same way we started it really up beat and straight out rock to finish the night on a high energy vibe. All songs are under 4 minutes long