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When it comes to our band, we enjoy playing every day and forming a connection with audiences to keep them coming back. Our music is a blend of lots of different genres from old school rock to newer rock and pop.


Our music is a reflection of all of our tastes. We have such influences as The Beatles, The Police, Lynard Skynard, Minus the Bear, Coheed and Cambria. Our band make up is Taylor, Connor, Danny and Mike, we truly enjoy playing together and having fun with it.


We have a 9 track cd out right now. Working on copyrighting to move to ITunes and CDBaby. Also working on getting our first single on the radio. It will be the track titled "Dismay"

Set List

Our set list varies depending on what the venues clientele is. We like to fit some of our originals in during our sets. Our normal set lasts 25-60 minutes depending on what is wanted by us. Our song repertoire is extremely large and we're always learning new songs to play.