Heroes in the Seaweed

Heroes in the Seaweed


We combine two crooning vocalists with swirls of ambient electric guitar, drops of percussive rain, and the weeping hum of a lonely cello, into the perfect accompaniment to a gray summer storm.


Heroes in the Seaweed

A story of strangers and estranged friends coming together...

Ryan Montgomery and Brett Welch met purely by chance, at a party in the Clinton Hill region of Brooklyn. After talking over a few too many drinks, Ryan, a former film student at Pratt Institute, decided to recruit Brett, a former creative writing major at The New School, to assist with the copy writing responsibilities involved in The Brooklyn Underground Film Festival, the offices of which were to be the first venue for the duo's early songwriting sessions.

After a few months of casual plucking, strumming, and caterwauling, the two began to take a serious interest in what they were doing, and decided to recruit other musicians to add some textural depth to the raw combination of acoustic guitar and acoustic bass.

Shortly before Christmas, 2003, Brett was at a local dive bar near his hometown of Oakdale, New York, when he happened upon an old high school friend, Joseph Demers, whom he'd lost touch with over the years. The two Long Island natives-turned Brooklyn residents played catch-up and recalled the jam sessions of their younger days. Joe, who, at the time, played in a hard rock band that was on the brink of disintegration, had grown tired of power chords and loud distortion, and wanted to start a project more in tune with his mellow emotional state. Brett jumped at the opportunity and invited him to take part in a writing session. The duo became a trio, but did not remain that way for long. Shortly after that session, Joe invited David Teufel, a good friend and classically trained cellist to play, and together, the foursome composed a percussion-less set of songs that were subsequently featured at two small Brooklyn venues.

When the absence of drums became too glaring to remain unaddressed, the quartet began auditioning percussionists. Many of the invitees, though skilled, were not interested in playing along to subtle, quiet music, and it was soon realized that part of what gave life to the band's chemistry was the long history and personal connections between its members. So, though he felt it was a long shot, Brett contacted another old high school friend, Robert Galgano, of the Long Island electronica outfit, NCC. After his surprisingly smooth integration into the band dynamic, the five-piece felt they were ready to move into the studio.

Signing to the fledgling record label of another of Joe's college friends, and former bandmates, Nate Donlon, in the fall of 2004 the band produced their first studio effort, "warmth in your distance." It was recorded and mixed at Fallout Shelter Studios with Pete Min - renown for his engineering work with Long Wave, Orange Park, the Blue Sparks and Sea Ray, among countless others.

Since 2004, Heroes in the Seaweed have become a New York City staple, frequenting world class venues including Mercury Lounge, Luna Lounge, Plaid and Southpaw. Their debut EP "warmth in your distance," and additional information about the band is available at www.heroesintheseaweed.com and www.bluemonstermusic.com.


Balloon Song

Written By: Heroes in the Seaweed

I'm the balloon roped around your necks.
This dining room is decorated by
invisible strands
that stretch
from person to person,
anchor to anchor.
We are each other's gravity.

You think there's some place you can go where no one will find you.
You think there's some place you can go where no one will judge you.

But you're in this now
treat it like you want to.
You're in this now
feel what you want to.

You'll float the way the wind wants you to.
Just drift away like you want to.

If I were a poet, I'd make your every movement mean something.

Written By: Heroes in the Seaweed

She pours through the doorway
a muddled mass of morning glory
her clothing clouds
billows and drowns
beneath the algae

in the ivory pages of her arms
lay microscopic spaces
meant to contain
some story of my making
to be scrawled with a pen
made of daffodil
and the ink of its yellow trail

she folds my hands into origami lily pads
we're the cross pollination of two weeds
that pull from beneath

the look she gives me is the fruit of each
pressed in the pages of a picture book

the corners of the mattress rise
become these stone city walls
stormed by dying ivory so dry
it ignites with the touch of a cigarette butt.


Warmth in your Distance EP

Set List

We typically play a 45 minute set that includes 7 or 8 of the following songs:

Balloon Song

If Only Briefly

If I Were a Poet, I'd Make Your Every Movement Mean Something

Maybe You're Just a Girl That People Fall in Love With, Maybe I'm Just a Familiar Face

Friends Who Never Meet

Portraits on the Sawhorse

You and I Will Never Be


Little Songs


Between Her Teeth


Off Switch