Heroes of History

Heroes of History

 Columbus, Ohio, USA

Apocalyptic Creature Rock. Songs of ghosts, dragons, creatures of the night, and darkly hidden truths. Also catchy... put that in there too. And good... real good.


I play in a loud, fast 3 piece Rock and Roll band in Columbus, OH called "Heroes of History". We started out in Athens, OH and moved to Columbus to make it big. So far it's worked out pretty well. We recorded an album with Mike "Rep" Hummel (producer extraordinaire of Guided By Voices, Times New Viking etc...) at Used Kids Records called "Lightning and Thunder" to be released later this year. We have had airplay on WFMU in NY and CD101 in Columbus. Last month we were reviewed (positively) in "Maximum Rock and Roll", and "Razorcake". I just completed my first official solo album titled "Straight From The Dragon's Mouth", also to be released this year. I just got home from a vacation/Bigfoot hunt in the deep woods of Alaska. My songs tend toward my interests... ghosts, aliens, the unknown, and the suppressed. I enjoy the outdoors, pizza, and beer. Thank you.


Heroes Of History "Lightning and Thunder" (2011)
Patrick Donohue "Straight From The Dragon's Mouth" (2011)