Heroes Will Be Heroes

Heroes Will Be Heroes


We do what we do because we love it. We know we can look stupid on stage at times, but its the most fun we ever get to have so why not go all out? We play with as much energy and passion as we can because no one wants to come see a band that isn't giving it their all each and every show!


After forming in March of 2007, Heroes Will Be Heroes took their local scene by storm playing show after show locally throughout the spring and quickly garnering a huge fanbase. After putting out a self recorded Ep of 8 songs in mid-July the band has quickly amassed shows throughout the southeast as well as in their hometown of Jackson, MS with many big time acts. Now fast forwarding to 2008. After a successful first 8 months consisting of mini tours, long drives, and the completion of a new EP recorded at The Sound Lair (Whitechapel, A Plea For Purging) and mastered by Jamie King (between The Buried and Me, Beloved) we are ready to bring it to your town and show you how Mississippi boys like to throw it down.

**NEW EP recorded at The Sound Lair (Whitechapel, A Plea For Purging) and mastered by Jamie King (between The Buried and Me, Beloved) due out MARCH 8TH VIA ITUNES, CDBABY, AND OTHERS!!!**

Bands we've been blessed to share the stage with..

Maylene and The Sons of Disaster (Ferret Records), With Blood Comes Cleansing (Victory Records), Across Five Aprils (Victory Records), Carnifex (Victory Records), Mychildren Mybride (Solid State Records), Tyler Read (Immortal records), Sound the Alarm (Geffen Records), Automatic Love Letter (Epic Records) Alcina (Holdfast Records), Inked in Blood (Facedown records), War of Ages (Facedown Records), Farless (Tooth and Nail Records), A Plea For Purging (Facedown Records), Remove the Veil (Facedown Records), Sky Eats Airplane, Memphis May Fire (Trustkill Records), The Ataris (Sanctuary Records), Ambush! (Hotfoot Records), I Am Terrified, Alert The Sky, The Glass Ocean, The Last Redeemed, Pm Today, Forever the Midnight Sun, The Planning Fallacy, Colour Revolt, Son of A Gun, and many others...



Written By: Heroes Will Be Heroes

This chaos will consume you, this chaos will bring you down
Hide your faith in lies, dear God set me free from this chaos
Dead watch the dead with eyes of deceit for the living
What happens when men are afraid of giants?
I see my eyes in your eyes and im wearing thin
So lift me up, set me free
This chaos will consume you, this chaos will eat you alive

We thought we knew this from the start but we were all wrong
You opened up my eyes for the first time in so long

Dead watch the dead as the living unleash hell
If only we had one last day, what would we change?
Step back now, dont give in, your perception is your reality

The world is ours, its ours for the taking

Cliff Gookin

Written By: Heroes Will Be Heroes

With words too wise for our understanding
We're all hailed as saints as leaders turn to cowards
Your foundation will sink beneath your feet
Leaving nothing to keep you standing
Practice what you preach
Your convictions mean nothing without beliefs
And false hopes will fall to ruin
like a ship with no sails we are set adrift at sea

We live for this
I can only hope that when the world comes to an end
That i can breathe a sigh of relief, there will be so much more to look forward to
Righteous, we all think we are so righteous
This is what you have chosen, the blame rests in you
We'll dress our wounds wound in hope, as we cry
"this is the end for all of us, hold your hearts out and save your self!"

Fear Among Faith

Written By: Heroes Will Be Heroes

Is this all in vain?
Ive seen a horror that i cannot grasp and its gripped around my throat
Courage is grace under pressure
These thoughts were never made, made into words
Compassion bears a chain, bound by regret
It buries me deeper, sinking into my skin
Soon enough all we cherish will collapse and fall
What will we have left to trust in?

We will sing with our last breath, with fear in our eyes
This struggle within ourselves, its all for grace
If hell were to rise would you stand and fight?
Your hope bleeds on a cross


Enough Said EP (2007) - self-released - one song hit radio waves in Georgia and South Carolina andmade a few compilation cds as well.

Self-Titled EP ( MARCH 2008) - self-released - recorded at The Sound Lair (Whitechapel, A Plea For Purging) and mastered by Jamie King (between The Buried and Me, Beloved)

Set List

Intro (30 seconds)
Bedlam (45 seconds)
Can Opener (2:30 minutes
Blessed Are The Broken (3 minutes)
Entropy (4:30 minutes)
Cliff Gookin (3 minutes)
Fear Among Faith (3 minutes)
Outro (2 minutes)