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"teen COVER STORY: Success on the horizon"


While their classmates are posting on Facebook or doing their best couch-potato impressions, Stephen Myer and his friends are spending up to 15 hours a week in a basement.

They're not playing video games or surfing the Net. They're doing what they love to do most: making music.

Stephen, 19, a senior at Lititz Christian School, is the lead singer of the band Heroic Skies. He's joined on stage by Harrison Jarrett, 16, who plays guitar; his brother, Chris, 18, who plays drums and synthesizer and sings backup; Vince Segro, 18, who plays bass; and Jason Brenner, 18, who plays guitar.

The guys get together up to three nights a week in the Jarrett brothers' basement, to hone their skills and practice their unique music.

"We are a pop-punk-fusion-Christian band," says Chris, a senior at Lancaster Mennonite High School.

The band's been together about a year, and in that time, the guys made a name for themselves locally and have begun branching out beyond the Lancaster music scene.

This summer, the band will perform in a national music conference in Ohio.

Playing mostly originals, the group finds inspiration for its music from almost anywhere, Stephen says.

"Our lyrics just come from everyday life," he explains. "I write about situations I've been through, my speculations about different things I wonder about or I'm curious about."

He says the majority of the band's music is upbeat — a perfect complement to the outgoing and effervescent personalities of the boys who make up the band.

Stephen, who writes the majority of the lyrics and music for the band, says his religion plays a large part in the group's music.

"I'm a Christian, so having that relationship with God plays into and influences how I write my songs," he says.

When Heroic Skies performs, the members focus on connecting with the audience.

"We have lots of energy on stage," Chris says. "I put a ton of energy into my drumming. I go crazy on the drums, and everybody else on stage pretty much goes nuts, too."

And the guys strive to make everyone in the audience feel like they're a part of the show, Chris says.

The group's unique music and high-energy style have helped create a large fan base that extends far beyond Lancaster County.

"They have fans all over the place," says their manager, Harry Jarrett, who is Harrison and Chris' father. "They have fans asking them to come to California. They have a fan in New Jersey who drove three-and-a-half hours to come to one of their concerts and is trying to find places in New Jersey for them to play."

The band has recorded a five-song EP that's available through its Web site and music sites, including iTunes and CDBaby.com. Thanks to online exposure, the group has brought its music to a larger audience, but no matter how big the band gets, the guys emphasize that they will never forget their fans.

"We try to keep a close friendship with everybody who likes our music," says Jason, a graduate of Manheim Township High School. "One of my favorite things to do is go on a live video-chat site and talk to people for hours, getting to know them and having them get to know our band."

Vince, a senior at Manheim Township, says live shows present an opportunity to get to know fans even more.

"We get to hang out with our fans and talk to them and make a real connection with them," he says. "That's my favorite part."

Harrison, a sophomore at Lancaster Mennonite High School, agrees.

"I really enjoy going to the shows and just feeling the energy of our fans," he says. "I like how our fans feel an emotional connection with the music we play."

Currently, the band plays shows at venues including the Ad Lib Cafe, Lancaster; and Warehouse 54, Manheim.

In July, the band will travel to Columbus, Ohio, to compete in a national conference sponsored by Mennonite Church USA.

Harry, the group's manager, says watching the boys blossom and develop their musical talent has been very rewarding — and he's looking forward to seeing where their music can take them.

"I had the opportunity to manage them because my boys are in the band, but I'm managing them because they have a lot of talent and possibility," he says. "These are good guys who really work hard, so I do what I can to help them see where they can take this."

The guys are optimistic about the future, even if they aren't totally sure what will become of the band.

"We're still figuring out if this is something we do to hang out and have fun, or if we want to turn the band into an actual career," Chris says. "For now, we're happy playing and just waiting to see what happens in the future."
- Lancaster New Era


Heroic Skies released its first EP in January of 2009. Five of their concert ready songs were tracked to offer a representation of their diverse musical style that moves powerfully through rock, pop and punk to promoters, booking agents while being wildly marketable to their fans. Songs on the CD are available at CD Baby and are posted on Sonicbids, myspace and our other websites.



Heroic Skies, a group of five dedicated musicians, is fronted by lead vocalist, Stephen Myer, who has a range as wide as the sky and a falsetto that will bring a tear to your eye. Chris Jarrett, the crazy and energetic drummer, puts forth every emotion he’s got on the drum kit every time Heroic Skies takes the stage. Younger brother, Harrison Jarrett, strums the guitar while using nothing short of an impressive technical method filled stylistic rhythm. Additional guitarist, Jason Brenner, attacks the guitar with great skill and creates an enormous energetic space for live shows. Vince Segro, bass player, presents a lively rumble that will make you want to move and groove while molding the bands sound into a whole. Heroic Skies are here on a mission to save and protect with the music that captivates and makes the world a better place.