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Orlando, Florida, United States | SELF

Orlando, Florida, United States | SELF
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Heroine was featured in the November issue of Axis magazine!
Page 15 - Axis Magazine

"Girl band Powers Route 46"

Girl band powers Route 46
Heroine is an all girl band that isn't girly
Heroine started as a gimmick. Tiffany Martin had worked with backup bands (all male) for years. She wanted to get an all girl band of hot, young musicians to showcase her talent. She was on the radio so she started auditioning for hot girls that could play instruments. The goal was to showcase beauty more than music.

Then, a funny thing happened.

Kelly Jo, who had worked with Tiffany, asked if she could audition. Kelly Jo had a burning desire to play bass guitar, and had sequestered herself off for months and worked like a maniac to learn bass guitar. Tiffany was amazed at her prowess, and the first member was cast.

Alayna answered the call. Alayna is a child prodigy, and has been playing for years, but is also an academic prodigy as well. Tiffany was astounded by her talents, and the second member was cast.

Kayla, Alayna's sister, applied as well. She had recently started playing the drums, and she asked if she could join. Tiffany listened, and was amazed at the raw talent. Kayla joined, and another beauty was added to the band.

They were missing just one small addition...lead guitar. Mallory Peyton does not look like a lead guitarist. She is bright, beautiful, artsy, and the sweetest person in the world. Oh, and she also crushes a mean axe. When Mallory auditioned for the band, Tiffany knew that her wildest hopes had been realized. She had an all girl band, that was incredibly hot...that could PLAY. They not only played, they played a mean brand of rock and roll that screamed, louder than a Hendrix wail, that this was a rock and roll band to reckon with.

The first few rehearsals brought them closer together, and gave them all a shared desire to be the best girl band...ever.

Tiffany Martin pushed the girls to practice harder, more often, and with greater intensity. She whipped them into shape, gave them a goal, and shared her vision with them. They responded with more dedication, and their practice paid off.

They transformed themselves from being a "gimmick band" to being a rock band...that just happened to be all girls.

They bring a message to all of the girls in the audience. If you believe in yourself, work hard, and make the sacrifices necessary...you can do anything.

They bring a message to all of the guys in the audience too. "We might be hot, but we can crank out some rock and roll that will make you forget that we are girls."

Right now they are playing mostly covers. The mark of a good cover band is that you should be able to listen to them and not be able to tell the difference between the original band, and the cover band.

In this, they fail terribly...they sound better than the original band.

When they do play their original material, they have an energy and verve that makes you want them to play ALL originals. They are really that good.

Did I mention that they were NICE? You would suspect that beautiful, talented musicians would be unapproachable and off-putting. Not Heroine. They are the nicest, sweetest girls you would ever meet, and they go out of their way to appreciate their audience. Before and after sets they greet the audience and make you feel that you really know them.

Heroine is defined as a female hero, "a woman of distinguished courage or ability". The Heroine band certainly fits the description, and more, with beauty, grace, style, talent, desire, and a powerful brand of rock and roll.

Tiffany Martin had created her Super Band. All she needed to do was get the word out that this was a band of note.

Saturday, March 27th, they played at Route 46, just East of I-4 on Highway 46 in Sanford. Route 46 is not just a club, it is a group of fabulous restaurants, and nightclubs that will appeal to a wide variety of people. If you don't notice the design of the club, or the quality of construction, you will notice one thing...they knew what they were doing when they built this club. It is a perfect venue, and the large crowd was energized and excited by Heroine.

If you have deprived yourself of the pleasure of hearing Heroine, you are in luck. They will be playing April 9th at the Shovelhead lounge in Casselberry. Do yourself a favor and see them perform. They are not just an all girl band...they are Heroine! - Squidoo

"Heroine is giving Central Florida what they want"

Heroine is giving Central Florida what they want
June 19th, 2010 2:20 pm
Heroine, Central Florida's hottest all-girl rock band
Photo: from myspace.com/heroinemusicrocks
Ask any typical fan of rock music what they love about rock and roll, and chances are two things come to mind: good music (obviously) and the hot girls who are usually associated with it. So wouldn’t it be a brilliant idea if someone combined the two? Luckily, for Central Florida, early 2010 was the time to come up with that idea.

It all started with Tiffany Martin (vocals), the cute blonde who can be heard every morning on ‘Monsters in the Morning’ on Real Radio 104.1. Tiffany had been singing professionally in Central Florida for years, playing gigs at venues as prestigious as the Hard Rock Live and releasing a self-titled debut album in 2008. She just always had men playing in her band. So the concept came up of an all-girl rock band. And now that the idea was there, it had to be built.

Luck would definitely be a lady for Tiffany, when she met Mallory Peyton (lead guitar), an intern for a sister radio station. The two immediately hit it off, and started working on the project. The next step was auditions; they needed three hot girls who could play their instruments well. How hard could that be? It did take some time, but eventually they found sisters Kayla and Alayna Miller (drums and rhythm guitar) and Kelly Jo Ernst (bass). The dream had finally come to fruition: an all-girl rock band with five gorgeous ladies.

The group dove into practice, covering some of the best rock songs they could get their hands on. Before Central Florida could say “hot girl band”, Heroine was playing gigs around town playing covers from the 80’s, 90’s, and today, putting a live show full of energy and showing technical skill as well as their good looks. In fact, two of the band’s members learned how to play their instruments just before joining Heroine (but since one can’t tell who they would be when seeing them live, their identities won’t be revealed in this article). While the band continues to play shows with mostly covers (including a rock version of “Wannabe” , originally done by the Spice Girls), they have begun the focus to including original songs in their set. The group keeps their name in the limelight by playing acoustic gigs between full-electric gigs, making it difficult to through a weekend without hearing about a gig that Heroine is playing. And with shows at Beach Stock back in March, the Florida Music Festival in May, and the Rockitcon Musicians Conference coming up this month, it’s clear that Heroine is a group that Central Florida will be seeing a lot of. And rock music fans (particularly the men) are really happy to know that.

Anyone interested in following Heroine can do so by adding them on Myspace (www.myspace.com/heroinemusicrocks), Twitter (www.twitter.com/heroinemusicrox), Facebook (search for Heroine), or just check out their website, www.heroinemusicrocks.com.
- Orlando Rock Music Examiner


Still working on that hot first release.



Heroine is Florida’s hottest all girl band! More than just a band, Heroine focuses on entertaining their audience bringing you a show that is guaranteed to get you up and moving! Comprised of a unique group of talented young musicians, you won’t find a girl band with more energy, great song selection, and sex appeal than Heroine brings to the stage
One bar owner claimed, "I have never seen my club with this much energy, and that many people in it"!
Fronted by XM radio personality Tiffany Martin, she combines excellent vocal ability with a high energetic stage presence that will keep you laughing and entertained! Tiffany takes her natural gift and adds to it the fantastic musical talents of sisters Alayna on rhythm guitar and Kayla Miller on drums, bass player KellyJo Ernst, and lead guitarist Mallory Peyton. What sets them apart from other bands is that they really love performing, it shows how much fun they are having the entire night.
Influenced by The Runaways, PINK, and No Doubt. Heroine has shared the stage with many artists such as Chevelle, Filter, Down With Webster, Sing It Loud and more! Their music video received 13,000 YouTube hits in only one week! The girls have performed at a variety of venues including state fairs, conventions and corporate events, music festivals, bars and clubs of every kind.
The band just filmed a pilot reality television series with the producers of the “Pitchmen” and “Ice road Truckers”. Heroine is currently being produced by Billy Chapin and Stan Lynch from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.