Heroin Skinny

Heroin Skinny


Two words: Portishead and Radiohead. Heroin Skinny is dark yet beautiful. Influenced by the greatest Trip-Hop artist, Heroin Skinny has created a genre of their own. Katia's has a unique voice that trip-hop would die for. Classical musician, Nima Haddadi's music will send shivers down your spine.


Nima Haddadi is a classically trained pianist that has been playing the piano since the age of four. Nima started writing music at the age of ten and eventually got signed to an Electronic Label.

Katia Maryl has been singing at various events from the age of 9. Katia has been featured on numerous hip-hop tracks.

Heroin Skinny was formed in Los Angeles, at the end of September. Heroin Skinny is comprised of Nima Haddadi and Katia Maryl. Nima Haddadi makes the music and Katia sings on the tracks. In the short eight months of being together, Heroin Skinny finished an eight track record. Heroin Skinny also found a dedicated following of 10,000+ fans on Myspace with over 30,000+ plays. Two of the tracks on the Lightless record will be featured in two independent movies.

Heroin Skinny has played 17 shows in the two months of touring that the band has done. These shows took place in Costa Rica, Germany, Hungry and Russia. In the summer of 07 Heroin Skinny will play a series of shows on the west coast, and will end the summer up on the Europe festival circuit.


The Heroin Skinny- LP
The Fix- single
Robbers and Friends- single

Set List

Varies, we can play all of our songs live effortlessly.