Hero Kid

Hero Kid

 Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Hero Kid is a Melodic Hardcore band from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Hero Kid combines elements of Metal and Hard Rock with the energy and DIY ethos of Punk Rock.


Hero Kid was formed in August 2011 by Jake Smith (Vox/Guitar), Matt Heady (Drums), Sean Beedle (Bass) and Tyler Halsey (Vox/Lead Guitar). Jake and Matt have played at the Vans Warped Tour with national acts such as Bowling For Soup, The Ataris, AFI, Rancid and Less than Jake. They have also toured nationally and played at the famous Whiskey A Go Go and The Roxy in Los Angles. Sean has played in a variety of bands while serving his country in the armed forces. Tyler has played in numerous bands over the last 10 years. He has won numerous guitar competitions and worked in Nashville writing music professionally. He has also played with national acts, such as Avenged Sevenfold and has even played on stage with All That Remains. Their influences range from Rise Against, Blink 182, Avenge Sevenfold, and Nirvana. If you had to label the bands sound it would be a combination of hardcore and pop punk. What you can say for sure is that they have their own unique sound. Combining catching riffs and amazing guitar solos, it leaves fans energized and wanting more. The band recorded a two-song demo at the end of August of 2011. The songs “Life on the Run” and “Bring Me Down” have quickly gained support from fans around the world. The band has invested in worldwide promotion of their music.
With their two-song demo they are building themselves to the top with an indestructible foundation. Armed with do-it-yourself determination, Hero Kid does not pretend to be anyone but themselves. The band does not bother with egos or attitude, determined to connect with every fan on a personal level. The band will be heading into the studio late
2011 to record their first EP. It will be released early 2012.
Look for Hero Kid to come to a city near you, starting in the spring of 2012 to support their new EP. Brace yourself for what they will come out with next.


Before the Fall - February 2012
Willful Wreckords 2012 Sampler "LIfe on the Run" - June 2012

Set List

Hero Kid
Before the Fall
Life on The Run
Bring Me Down
The Last Goodbye
Fight Song