BandHip Hop


“heroTwin” formally known as “GT”(Gangsta Twins) has been one of Miami’s greatest representations. Born Feb. 3rd 1989, Miami, Fl the young songwriters/live music entertainers have been through more than most can imagine, from concerts in High School to performing in front of THOUSANDS of people. Club Eden, Lounge 330 on South Beach, Club Nocturnal and now currently hosting their own “Free Liquor” parties to help local artists. Keeping the club bumping and leaving local artist with a “Wow” look and wanting to do more!

The soon to blow empire “Circle Clique”, was founded by heroTwin back when they were freshmen in High School. Entertaining lyrically for a hobby, the twins realized how much more it was to them. Soon this hobby became more than just something to do in the spare time. Going into hard work and dedication, the twins got a group of boys that were close friends and just as talented as they were to become “Circle Clique”.

With crazy delivery and much energy heroTwin is sure to keep any crowd hype!

Living and breathing music these boys are going to the state of successful sensation!

-For booking info call Nikki (954)573-3339