Herra Terra

Herra Terra

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

"Herra Terra have a truly unique sound. After all, any band that can layer a club rager chorus on top of some swells of bizarre B-horror film noise deserves respect in my book." ~Playground Boston

"No offense, but you guys sounded like you'd be a lot hotter." -Ugly Blonde Chick


HERRA TERRA was conceived by Vocalist, John Paul Tonelli and Guitarist, Gregg Kusumah-Atmadja. The duo released a 3 song EP in 2008 entitled “Organs For The Afterlife” with help from Boston based musicians (Bad Rabbits, Irepress) and Sound Engineer, Mike ”Mo” Lapierre (Death Cab for Cutie, Brand New, Drop Kick Murphy's). Not being able to find a permanent fixture on drums, the band played as a two piece electronic act in the New England area until 2009. After rigorously searching for a Drummer, the band recruited Brad Caetano (Arms & Sleepers, Seneca, AM/PM). Ever since, the group has melded together and enhanced their electronic and live elements, adding Adrian Bettencourt Andrade on Bass, HERRA TERRA has become the complete electro/rock outfit they had hoped for. .. HERRA TERRA is currently booking a US tour in support of the new LP, "Quiet Geist", set to release September 2010. New tracks include "Lost In Labyrinth” and “No Tricks”. HERRA TERRA has shared the stage with some outstanding artists such as: Shiny Toy Guns, Piebald, Damone, Freeze Pop, Green Jelly, Appleseed Cast, Hot Rod Circuit, Chk Chk Chk (!!!), Bad Rabbits, Irepress, Semi Precious Weapons and many others. .. .. "With enough electronica influence to overthrow Skynet, Herra Terra's form of synth rock is infectiously melodic, even avant-garde at times, but never quirky or different for the sake of being different. Underneath all the gadgets, an educated appreciation for the fundamentals of rock acts as the driving force behind all of Herra Terra's composition." -Jason Perry


Organs for the Afterlife EP (self-released, 2008)
Quite Geist CD/LP/Digital (The Mylene Sheath, 2010)