Herring Bones

Herring Bones


A driving force of pop rock with a new school flare. Thick guitar harmonies woven together and tied tight, wrapped up in a traditional brown paper bag of indie rock. Sincere music that is loud, passionate, and the catchiest stuff we hope you'll ever hear.

Other Info

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"Hark! The Warrior" E.P. Self Released
"Celebrate Yourself" E.P. Self Released

Set List

Depending on when we go on usually determines how long we play. Typically we will perform 6-7 songs. The most common songs you will hear at a show are listed below. However, we are always writing new material and throwing in old songs in our sets so it's always a nice suprise when we perform.

Here is what a typical set may consist of.

"Get it, Together"
"Sister and the Shelter"
"Fields of Daughters"
"Celebrate Yourself"
"Box-Shaped Heart"
"Good Direction"
"Window Seat"