Heru 9

Heru 9

 Gaston, South Carolina, USA
SoloHip HopPop

The new sound for the soulful listener with a strong message for a audience who want to hear a clear substance with a positive message that highlight this artist persona and character,with a combination of funk,and soulful all in one we will leave your conscious amazed with this soulful sound.


Our music is Neo soul Hip-Hop with a combination of funk,soul with ripping guitars and hard hitting drum kick that will amazed you,When I hear people like Al green,Marvin Gaye to Jill Scott and India Arie to Lauren Hill to common it make you appreciate good conscious music that elevates your mind in many ways,our music speaks for itself with a good message and substance in a world that want to hear something relaxing and fun.


Fast Lane

Written By: Tuan G AND Fofif

Riding in the Fast Lane


The Single is call Soul Figure by Mick Swagga Ft Treasure Me'Me and can be found and purchase at www.reverbnation.com/mick swagga