Her Violent Eyes

Her Violent Eyes


Complete experimental, progressive rock trio consisting of sweeping movements/melodies; instrument changes/perfectionism; amazing vocals/instrumental creativity. We tend to gather respect from musicians from nearly all genres of music, as well as the general crowd. And women love us.


Her Violent Eyes consists of the Ferguson brothers Chris and Ryan(the sons of bluegrass musician Gary Ferguson) and thier childhood friend, Nathan Herren. We have been playing together for over a decade and have experimented in many genres of music. We have aquired a unique and complex perspective on songwriting involving powerful riffs, elaborate movements, experimental sounds, and intense emotion.


SE' HABLA ESPANOL---Demo to be released 11/07

Set List

All Original songs(no covers)
Short set:
1. Pearly Ticket
2. Plastic Calves
3. The Cleansed
4. Strange/Devine
5. Interlude
6. Bunny Rabbit
(Total time aprox. 30min)
Optional songs/changes
7. P.O.W.
8. Matriarch
9. Redemption
10. Lily's Gift
11. All The World Can Wait
12. Sock Puppet
(aprox. 35 additional min.)