Watertown, South Dakota, USA

HeSaidSheSaid is a 4-piece metal band from Watertown, South Dakota. They've released a 9-song demo CD that was recorded at McNally Smith College of Music in November of 2009. HSSS is just a group of guys who love the Lord and love music (metal in particular!).


We're HeSaidSheSaid and we're a Christian metal band out of Watertown, SD. We started playing together back in April of 2009. We just recently finished recording our debut album, Some Self-Maintenance Required, at McNally Smith in St. Paul, MN. We managed to get 9 songs recorded in two-and-a-half days! We're proud to say that we've come a long way in one year and we only hope it continues from here! Also, since we are a Christian band, we believe that Jesus Christ died to save us of our sins and we know that without Him we're nothing. None of this music that we create would be possible if it wasn't for God blessing us with our gifts and talents and also blessing us with the right studio and the right guy to record our stuff! He truly is an amazing God who loves each and every one of us more than we can fathom. So as more of our message and music is spread and you feel as if it's speaking to you in some way, feel free to message us with any questions or concerns via our myspace page. Any of us would be more than willing to visit you about any struggles you may have whether it be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Feel free to send us a message! God Bless you all! Stay Brutal, HeSaidSheSaid


A Train Wreck In Slow Motion

Written By: HeSaidSheSaid

You act like you know me do you even know yourself at all?
How typical you took the fall
Please don't apologize you'll only be rehearsing words
It's like you didn't care at all

We spend our cries on faces lost with empty gazes
We can't mistake our places now
And in case you forget truth will see the last of it
Tears conceal the empty signs that don't fit

Look in the mirror and face your reflection
Sell your lies and buy some time
I've got my own so please don't cross the line
Take consequence for every fall


We Will Be Heard (Track 1)

Written By: HeSaidSheSaid

We will be heard
Our word is true

Sweet Catastrophe (Track 2)

Written By: HeSaidSheSaid

Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! =)

Where did this all go wrong?
I tried so hard but came up short
Tell me now is it worth it all?
I gave my all to watch us fall

What a waste of time
You can stop feeding me your lies
'Cause I won't fall for them
I did it once
I'll never do it again


Come sweet catastrophe

Mathematical Equations & Scientific Notations (Track 3)

Written By: HeSaidSheSaid

How can I pretend that I'm confident
When I'm not?
How can I pretend that this makes sense
When it doesn't?

I was always terrified of you
You actually made me feel something
But I'll always be waiting here for you
'Cause without you I feel like nothing

Why am I afraid to lose you when
You're not even mine?
Our sweetest songs are the ones that tell
The saddest stories


Whom shall I call on?
Who will share with me
The wretched happiness
Of staying alive?

Teach me the rules
And I'll show you how to break them
Show to me your dreams
And what it takes to save them

Keeping Up With Saints & Sinners (Track 4)

Written By: HeSaidSheSaid

One thousand truths followed by one thousand lies
You can thank yourself for blurry vision
I only asked one thing of you
Lead the lost to me

What if I sent my wrath? Then you'd have something to fear

I hung from a cross to save your life
What have you done for me?
I took on hell to set you free
What have you done for me?

Crack those knuckles
Get a grip
Crack those knuckles
Pick up your cross

What makes you any different from all the thieves and liars?
If you're not serving me the devil lays claim to you
You're placed between a killer and a martyr
Look at yourself what do you resemble?

What if I sent my wrath? Then you'd have something to fear


I'll separate the saints from the sinners
And let you make a choice
Follow the saints
Or die like a sinner

The Cost Of Living Is Going Up, The Chance Of Living Is Going Down (Track 8)

Written By: HeSaidSheSaid

Oh God!

I've fallen short for the thousandth time
Too long I've waited, too hard I've tried
To climb out of this hole I'm in
It's time for a change of scenery

Take my hand, pull me to my feet
I can't stand alone
My knees break from the weight that's crushing me
Take this burden away fom me
It keeps pulling me down
It grips my throat and pulls me down

I'm stepping on a boat that's setting sail to sink

I always seem to be one step behind
Too long I've waited, too hard I've tried
To break from this cycle I live
Still searching for solid ground


Search for the antonym of death

A Head First Slide Into Home (Track 9)

Written By: HeSaidSheSaid

They've come for me again
I can't get away, I can't escape from them
They've got infinite excuses
They try to feed to me
I'm choking on them

Lord shut their mouths, open their eyes
Give them ears to hear the truth I speak
It's cute the way they candy-coat their lies
Just one time I'd like to make them see

If looks could kill then they'd all be muderers

Like a high school hallway
They're stuck inside their own cliques
They try to gouge out the speck in my eye
When they don't see the log in their own


I can assure you it wasn't to get back at her
Save your lies, they'll never work
Save your lies, they'll never work
Save your lies, they'll never work
Save your lies, they won't get you far

Rewriting lyrics, writing them for you
I hope you'll all sing allong


Some Self-Maintenance Required - 2010