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"Federal Hill -spills and thrills"

Emergenza Music Festival makes its way to the southern business district just across the highway from CamdenYards in good old Balti.
‘Silvertung’ play hard edged rock with speed and can set a room on fire with just a few riffs. Just as the tequila was taking hold on the audience they switched it into 5th gear and it was on. ‘Samadhi’ lit up the stage with some good natured metal and ‘Sesh’ chilled out the heated audience with some acoustic action. Boy... I wonder... what happens to the sombrero the morning after? ...

METAL!!!!! ‘Heshent’ plowed through the venue on the back of an iron horse and polished up the steel, for a full metal jacket approach to saturday nights beginning slot.
‘August’ contains some of the most prolific and talented young musicians all together in one band. Each knows their instrument or instruments (plural) very well and can play acoustic rock with the big boys. ‘The Boombots’ left the signature bullet mic at home and seemed pre occupied during their set which was a shadow of its former self. Though playing a rock fusion sound can come with its ups and downs. ‘Scars of Your Demise’ have a distinct metal core sound and if you saw their set saturday night you will recognise them when you hear them again. ‘Hollo’ is an aggressive band who pulled out all the punches for their set and kept the night alive with full volume. Now if you know the guys in ‘E-VOLVE’ you know they are talented players. So why then was their blues rock set marred by broken bass strings, Eric would be the only one who could tell you ...it just wasn’t their day. Girl pride is alive and well in Baltimore as shown by ‘Odd Girl Out’ Saturday night. It was truly a pop\punk explosion. ‘Twentyforseven’ rolled up the carpet and a few ladies in the venue rolled out theirs for the funky rock ending set at the 8x10.

Final evening of the semi’s in the Cross Street Market district, and two weeks without rain ended in unison sunday night at the 8x10 with ‘Dingus’ on stage to a laxadazical crowd, even the punk sounds of these guys didn't seem to raise the clouds. Sadly ‘Fair Verona’ didn't have a very strong set either, normally emo rock’s primary force in Baltimore. ‘Denis the Knife’ had a better response as people started to listen and loosen up to their alternative progressive approach. ‘Bond and Bentley’ put on a commemorative indie rock set for a mother who had passed on recently and truly lit up the stage and got the audience to their feet.
‘Lithium Dove’ somehow seems difficult to say, you try it three times fast. They laid down an alt rock set that saw the audience ebb and flow to and from the floor. ‘Kasm’ was the last band we would see for the semi final round, and it finished with talented well thought out metal and nothing less.

From the shadow of Camden yards to the outreaches of Towson the finals June 17th will be the deciding factor now....who has got the skill and determination and all around musical zeal to do it one last time?.......


HESCHENT @ 8 x 10 Club(Baltimore) 05.06.2006
This show KICKED ASS- known only by those who were there - it was an experience of true metal bliss; Heschent at their finest - the performance, the talent, the music, the Energy, the Fans, the Venue; far surpassing all, of what is now, past - HESCHENT!!! History has been made; what once was, is, but will never be the same, and, as evidenced tonight, don’t fuck with us!!!
For those who missed it - a true loss - the likes of which you will never know...

- Saturday, May 6, 2006

"Blizzards, Bands, Baltimore...Brilliant"

Blizzards, Bands, Baltimore...Brilliant

The second weekend of Emergenza Festival at Fletchers in Baltimore promised to be even more wild and wooly than the last. A new year of promise and a group of bands that couldn’t be more involved and excited about being the next musicians to play the festival with each other. The Thursday night proceedings began with the lights low and a blue sheen on the stage. ‘Plague of Shadows’ put on a great show determined to teach the audience about destructive metal and speed with thundering bass lines. They did just that. Their big guy up front screamed raspy vocals until ‘Under Command’ took the stage. True form of traditional and progressive rock Maryland style, two guys, and two girls a seven-string guitar and a damn good time. Then ‘Scoundrel’ one part glam one part rock always a successful mix. Throw in a Billy Idol cover and you have a leather clad band named ‘Scoundrel’. ‘Blame Jeffrey’ with traces of grunge and lots of screeching guitars creating feedback had the entire audience applauding. ‘Stolen Element’ put together elements of reggae, ska and funk to give fletches an island feel for their set. Metal for the strong and the free is what ‘Crimson Orchid’ play these are great guys and they packed the house. Blazing metal left with only the audience to answer to. ‘Empty Gratitude’ alt. rock favorites filled the stage and room with their brand of music. ‘Foretold’ closed the evening with gallant style and an exceptional vocalist; they will be touring the Baltimore and D.C. area in the not so distant future. After a nice warm Friday ‘Be(lie)ve’ took the stage to begin the evening with a sonic assault of metal mayhem and raging vocals. They led into ‘Bloodscript’ who continued the pounding rhythms and slashing guitars that all good metal bands provide. ‘165 1/2’ is a strong rock band with a quirky comical edge. A heavy drummer who enjoys big girls kept their rhythm. ‘Blurd Imij’ are seasoned musicians, a troupe with power and style that only an experienced group can truly bring to light. It’s always good to see a band with energy to spare ‘Forever once lost’ is just that band. They were followed by ‘Celia Kipp and The Last Ditch’ who provided Fletchers audience with acoustic rock with women’s consciousness and left the audience strumming along. ‘Anubis’ brings thick burly metal that pounds through the air hard enough to loosen your belt buckle. ‘Out of Hatred’ finished the night by dropping the heavy metal axe and growled through their set to end the night. Saturday, the threat of one of the largest snowstorms in history threatened the Baltimore area and the entire northwestern area. Not a problem for the hearty Maryland folk. The venue was packed the show went on and what a show it was! ‘Nil’ began with slow rhythmic rock and steadily got heavier and more impressive through the length of their performance. ‘August’ are a young band with great talent acoustic guitars a steady bass sound and a really impressive mandolin player jammed beginning to end. ‘Mr. Shepard and the teachers’ are an art troupe from the Maryland area grinding guitar interesting lyrics and booklet distribution make these guys individuals. ‘John Kennelly and the chocolate factory’ play enviable blues/rock with great talent and precision and did just that Saturday night. ‘Arioch’ was next on the stage at Fletchers with a strong tight set. ‘Elise Major’ scheduled to make her long awaited ep release at Fletchers played her acoustic set with pure energy and enthusiasm. The audience had waited long enough when ‘Devils Radio’ took the stage and played brilliantly straight through their set hard rock and metal surly influence these guys and they tote some really good merch to their shows as well. ‘Sri Lanka Marionettes of Doom closed the night with pure punk fervor and traditional short speedy songs including a cover of DK’s California Uber Ales. Sunday the snow began to melt and Fletchers heated up as well beginning with an emo core band called ‘Count Your Blessings’ the audience should remember their strong stage presence and individual image. ‘Scars of Your Demise’ stood almost stark still to give full stage to their music, hard to the core. If you didn’t see ‘The Good the Bad and the Not So Attractive’ play Sunday night you missed one of the most obscure and powerful sets of the weekend. Lets just say mic stands make good weapons… ‘Tangerines’ were next and had costumes for their interesting set of very quirky and original, wholesomely good, theatrical performance. ‘Fistbox’ raged on stage, heavy and thrashing metal core, front flipping on stage and full kick dancing audience interaction. ‘The Autumn Chase’ has some really memorable songs and they put them all together for their set of emo/acoustic at Fletchers. ‘Incursion’ brought a truckload of cd’s to the show and after their set I’m sure no one left without one, nice strong solid rock n roll band. ‘Unannounced’, veterans of Baltimore’s rock scene got the audience quaking while they played through the final set of the evening to the appreciation of the audience. Thursday of the next week brought the promise of another full weekend of sounds and experiences. ‘Somediva’ began by throwing down pure metal with a hard Maryland feel and blazed into ‘Cirius B’. They play hip-hop funk fusion with a full band including sax, keys, backup vocals and an m.c. ‘Freedom Enterprise’ kept the diversity alive with Spanish lyrics and rock reggae with a socio political feel. ‘Ilyaimy’ has a particular style with finger picking guitar and djimbe accompaniment very talented and very individual. ‘Nightmare Prophecy’ provided pure metal black and hard. ‘And I Proceed Backward’ have good harmony and are very active with stage antics good harmonious post hardcore. Hard rock in the vein of the real rockers from back in the day is exactly what ‘Silvertung’ brought to Fletchers stage Thursday. ‘Laughter’ had to be the most striking and experimental band of the night with interesting keyboard arrangements and a, six foot plus, vocalist clad in a trench coat and a top hat. ‘Renton Cannon’ was last to take the stage with an eclectic set. They would be well suited to the college art scene, very interesting and capped off the night by smashing a guitar to splinters. Another freaky Friday began with metal core band ‘The Alexander Set’ thrashing the stage with furry and glory, the vocalist climbed to the dusty rafters and kept screaming for the final song of their set. Pop punk quirkiness provided by ‘Ever Since Now’ features a super speedy drummer and a strong stage performance every time. ‘Inshalla’ who are close comrades with the folks from The Alexander Set, were the surprise out of the box band of the night and dropped jaws as they played features from their up coming demo cd. ‘Dennis the knife’ from Belair MD plays alt. rock for the college art set I’m sure. Vocal effects abound and a good-natured crew were all smiles on stage. ‘Fools and Horses’ are old hat at being on stage and are pro in every way, bluesy and brilliant. ‘Graffik Nature’ skanked down with trumpet and trombone giving the room a bit of a bluesy island feel meshing rock, reggae and ska. ‘Red This Ever’ brought a capacity crowed for their synth rock set harkening back to the early days with a supreme stage show. ‘Driveset' didn’t disappoint with driven, rhythmic hard rock, powerful vocals and a lefty drummer who sidelines as a Baltimore cop. Hard and heavy. ‘Bad Apples’ alternative rock featuring a blindfolded drum solo, their set was melodic and trailed off into the Maryland Friday night. Saturday night was super strong with a full bill of excellent bands to rock Fletchers. ‘Farewell Providence’ plays heartfelt rock songs, conducted and comprised by very able young musicians great harmonies and rock music at its simple best. ‘Fair Verona’ emo/pop/rock outfit came bearing gifts and merchandise and had the audience swaying through their final song Penny Benjamin. Fair Verona, far more than fair. Stage troubles hampered the set of ‘Forgotten’ momentarily but they got underway after the drummers mic was set straight. Hard grungy, crunchy rock with power and thrust. ‘The Sparks’ is a unique band comprised of 3 pieces with keys. Piano lines peppered their set of artsy numbers. The answer to alt rock this evening ‘Ariosa’ threw together powerful rock, big cymbal crashes and a cheering audience they had to battle with to see who had the greatest volume. Welcome back to the time before grunge ‘Fishnet Stalkers’ classic straight up pure and unadulterated rock complete with hair and flair. ‘Finger Cuffs’ punk alternative players faced a delay while they waited on stage for their singer to make her way into the venue. They played a shortened set that didn’t fail to show the audience that female punk is not dead. ‘The Making’ happy guys just to be playing, smiled the full way through their set of rock songs. ‘Sleep Infection’ raised the bar on metal Saturday night and like their t-shirts, their songs come in two sizes double XL and triple XL. The final night all eyes were on the stage to see just what exactly was going to transpire and what happened was a thrilling end to the two week stint of Emergenza in Fells point in Baltimore. ‘Groove Stu’ ten members, full on R&B soul in action. Six keyboards manned by two members a trombone two singers an m.c. guitar bass percussion and this was their stripped down version! ‘The Boombots’ have a very unique style and really put on a great show surprising the audience and bringing their own young audience as well. ‘Haza’ has a mix of male and female members and plays happy and sad power pop tunes. The one guitar player that could and did play blindly behind his back belonged to the three piece of ‘E-Volve’ blues rock at its finest. The young guys from ‘Heschent’ all have nicknames like fro and such. They played crushing metal and threw panties with their names emblazoned on the front of them to the audience. Continuing the power of metal put ‘Beneath the Ruins’ on stage next followed by, ‘Shadow Insurrexion’. Dressed for the stage and to impress those that appreciate leather and studs. ‘Hollo’ brought everything to a close with a weary audience and a weary crew they thrashed their way through their set of heavy aggressive rock to the cheers of the audience. If you are ever in Baltimore don’t miss Fletchers and be sure to go on a Thursday night for Emergenza or otherwise the antics down stairs are not to be missed and the food cant be beat.
_Billy Danforth - 27 Feb 2006

- Emergenza-Billy Danforth


LP: Expected Release date: LATE SPRING 2009
Current Single: HATRED
LP: 2006 As I Lie in Ruin
EP: 2005 Metalmorphasis
Singles: 2006: As I Lie in Ruin, The Saints
2005: Belittled, Metalmorphasis
As I Lie in Ruin now playing on Emergenza Radio



Heschent has played many gigs, including The Norva (Opening for Hellyeah; Balls Strength & Volume Tour) Bike Week -All Star Chopper Show, OC Convention Center, Nation (Formerly in DC), Fletcher's (Baltimore), The Brass Monkey Saloon, The 8 x 10 Club, Sonar Baltimore, Mac's Club (Essex), Recher Theatre and many more. We have had many shows booked at Venues throughout MD, DC, VA, PA and were (2007) voted in the top 10 of over 300 bands in Maryland. Heschent has expanded our merchandise line & we have lots of goodies!!! heschent.com is being completely redone, but keep checking back. Booking Agents can always get Current info here on SonicBids. Our MySpace Account is: www.myspace.com/heschent1
HESCHENT is currently working on their new LP.