Courtney Julian

Courtney Julian

 Kansas City, Kansas, USA
SoloHip Hop

New artist Courtney Julian (aka HESED), is set to release his debut EP feat. hit songs like "Medication", "I Don't Belong", "Strong Holds" and more! This EP is an introduction to Courtney's Music & Heart. Stay tuned for His debut Album due to release spring 2015!


Courtney Julian born Courtney Coleman August 12th 1988, Kansas City, MO started recording music at 11 years old on a boombox for family and friends, but after examining his life and where he was headed in 2006 he came to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and in 2009 released his first song and video "Follow Me". After a few years of bouncing around and trying to get his walk right with Christ, he met up with David Gordon with Hundredfold Productions in 2013 and 2014 officially became a Hundredfold Artist. Courtney Julian is currently finishing up his EP and working on his debut Album which will feature songs like "I'm Good", "What it Do", "Empty Vessel" and many more!!
Courtney's music is intended to edify the Mind&Soul; on tracks that SLAP! He will definately make his mark in the Hip Hop music & culture!


The Alternative CD-
R-U-Ready CD-
Compilation CD-
Crimson Promise-

Church attend is Kansas City Baptist Temple, pastor Jeff Adams- David Gordon member and Camera man/ Ryan Upton assistant Youth Pastor
Airplay:,,, 107.9 LiteFM South Australia,,, wirp88.3 MiamiFL, Current CD release is "Crimson Promise", You can now hear some new songs at:

Set List

GAS, Saints Go Hard, I'm Free, Endure, Our Children, God Forbid, I Am Song - Set is about 30 minutes.