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he's hers

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HE'S HERS brings us quality soulful infested hip hop with soothing, almost motown-like, melodies... The style of this material is quite laid back, and it is most certainally the combination of smooth vocals and melodic vibes that made this material highly addictable...


Born in New York but raised in the Philippines and Tanzania, Chris B returned to the first world in 1996. He proceeded to record various projects- God Complex (1998), Sons of Belial: (1999 to 2002)- before moving down to New Orleans and taking the name He's Hers. She is hip-hop, the beauty with 'so much soul,' Common identified in his ode "I Used To Love HER." He's Hers is a reflection of that era, student of the boom-bap hip-hop, an emcee / producer who has worked hard on this shit, cultivating his own homegrown dope.


He's Hers - Vanity Press

Written By: Chris Brown (He's Hers)

throw your ashes in the air,
save your words for the moon
'cause the stars don't care,
what you expect?
introductory psamls?
foreign skeptics
accepting you with open arms?
stay calm-
its only war as usual,
you fear the gun clap
but think firework beatiful,
are you seeing eye to eye
with the mirror?
when your conscious speaks to you
is it your voice you're hearing?
can you answer?
i need to know,
emotions run deep-
you need to let go!
i got no history,
its just here and after,
and rose-tinted memories
of the philippines and africa,
i remember laughter
without the hydro,
blue-light parties
and raps with tight flows,
riding shotgun
with andrew musoke,
and we was only fourteen...

nothing to smile about
but always got a rhyme about
i guess its just ah-
a vanity press
leave sleep for when death comes
i'll get some then,
just don't go to sleep baby

am i wrong for holding grudges?
held back all my punches,
now throw me your stones,
i got a fortified home-
its where my heart is,
heavily guarded
behind walls and moats,
shed it in what i wrote
said it now they all quote
it was dope finding strength
in the words that i spoke,
and speech came as easy
as cool and being true,
you can't relate?
i guess i'm not like you.
i guess you're not likely
to stand up like me
when the shit gets down to it
i seen your #@#**!
fucker let me ask you,
why the fuck did you do it?
he's hers,
but do you really like the music?
enough to stay up late
wake up early
skip lunch
work 9 to six thirty,
sit down homey
let me rap to ya...

nothing to smile about
but always got a rhyme about
i guess its just ah-
a vanity press
leave sleep for when death comes
i'll get some then,
just don't go to sleep baby

He's Hers - You Are There

Written By: Chris Brown (He's Hers)

you seen me reppin'
memory of an elephant
spear and noose used
in any trap i step in,
i got the ohm in my trunk
man listen-
my ears are open
to all of your petitions,
it was written
with ivory pens,
you seen the broken tusk
you felt the snakeskin belt,
two thousand six
i still rock air maxes
last year i bought a big screen
with money back from taxes!
chris bit ted
pot in pill bottles
before he met d
couldn't roll no optimos,
does that make
my whole style unoriginal?
come out with it dog,
i neglect your subliminals
respect individuals
you of a pack mind
and i ain't mad atcha
go 'head and rap mine,
you like the beat babe?
my younger brother
pips did it,
its all good
go on and do the wop
with it
turn it up
catching cancer
in the lancer
watching the sunset
while we cruise tchoupitoulas,
i like the music-
it makes her body electric,
my speakers distorted
backshots while we sexing,
bang and we steppin,
straighten out my tweed coat
stare at her ass, i'm high
get caught, onward we go
to bullshitting with people
for whom i don't care
but hun i'll stick around
just as long as you're there (there!)

you seen me faded
sunk inside my hoodie
floating on my feet
feeling awful good
re- introducing
the man made of water
an island in himself
with populous from
four continents
i got a lot of confidence,
i'm vain, pump divine blood,
who is this character
living like a rapper?
pulled my sleeve
she asked me, she had to,
"excuse me,
what kind of watch
is this, pe?"
i answered "guess,"
and laughed
'cause she goes
and says "timex,"
you know the rule of gold miss?
"quit while you're ahead."
its a flashy world
blame my melancholy temperment, my diffidence
it all made me invisible
i long for you like hip hop
i'm out to get with you
lets get away
from the stress and the hunger
and get back to the ways
of the wind and the water
limping like pimps
the sun's around the corner
and like marijuana
you know that i got cha,
stroll by the plebs
who just ooh, ahh, and stare
but fuck if i care
just as long as you're there (there!)


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Set List

thirty to forty minute set. old school style, lots of performace, light on drama.