He Who Dredz

He Who Dredz


Hailing from st. louis, He Who Dredz is a hard rock band, that began to blow up in the midwest after their first album "Caged in Rage." With strong, and powerful riffs, keeping the crowd moving, and yet having choruses that make them sing along and beg for more.


Born and raised from a woman's no-no naughty bit, He Who Dredz is an unstoppable force of metal, with influences spreading the gamut. They are a tight-knit group that combines jaw-dropping beats with spine-tingling riffs and pants-tightening performances. Their first EP "Caged in Rage" is a down-and-dirty masterpiece that is aggressive and leaves it's listeners screaming more. To get the full experience, it is not enough to just listen to the tracks, but to watch the boys play it themselves.

Caged in Rage: The first album that He Who Dredz were to release. The name of the album says it all. The feeling of loneliness, transferring to anger, to a point where it cannot be taken anymore. Written at a hard time is life, I feel that fans can greatly connect to this album.


LP "Caged in Rage"

Set List

1. Chainsaw 3:45
2. Haze 5:09
3. Just Back Up 4:54
4. Through My Eyes 4:09
5. So Stubborn 4:36
6. This Pain 4:14
7. H.I.M.
8. Dancing is Dangerous...
9. I Can't Escape
10. Join the Fear