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"A Show in Warrensburg"

In a little town in Missouri, Warrensburg, a band of great might performed at the 400. The club sparsely littered with patrons on a Saturday night, He Who Dredz, performed as if they played for the colosseum. This crowd, I’m sad to say was not the true representation of what we have to offer. Just a year before, the place would be full of young music enthusiast. Imagine, two-hundred people drink in hand rocking in harmony with a few crazies jumping on stage then off in pure excitement and emotion. Alas, the city of Warrensburg in the past year had legislation…don’t get me started. The main focus of this is on the astounding sound, show/flow, and class of the band.
Simply stated, this group will become big. Some bands play similar music to these guys, but there is a clear difference in fidelity. Somehow, in some way they are able to express what you’re feeling or have felt at some point in time through their music. Really, all one can do is consume, absorb, and emotionally relate. They fill the air with a thick sound and all one can do is grasp it and realize, yes. I’m trying to think how to describe in words the music and its power. Okay, I’ve got it. Stay with me on this. A physical weight hits you as if someone pushed you back. Two hands to your chest and pushed you back in an aggressive way. Your stability is off center, an adrenaline rush begins and your mind rushes for an appropriate reaction. Things start to turn on. Confidence, pride and a growing determination to overcome any challenge that lies in your path. Every riff they play, you become stronger.
Each member displayed an extreme amount of heart while performing. You could see the expression of joy and pain in each song they played. The songs flowing without disruption one after another created an atmosphere of listening bliss for the audience.
Every guy in the group was first class. If you don’t know what class is, I can only describe what I witnessed. They played song after song and they did not once advertise any merchandise they had available. I find it very refreshing that they have the confidence in us, the fans, to find their gear on our own. I believe the music sells itself and there is no need to push it. I thank you. After the show, the band members became part of the crowd. All the members were sociable and polite. They listened and truly appreciated what the fans had to say. I really enjoyed the show and visiting with you guys. For all your fans in Warrensburg, thank you for the music. Oh, for those fans out there that happen to rub shoulders with these guys, they like Jagermeister shots!
Chris (the airplane pilot) - He Who Dredz


LP "Caged in Rage"



Born and raised from a woman's no-no naughty bit, He Who Dredz is an unstoppable force of metal, with influences spreading the gamut. They are a tight-knit group that combines jaw-dropping beats with spine-tingling riffs and pants-tightening performances. Their first EP "Caged in Rage" is a down-and-dirty masterpiece that is aggressive and leaves it's listeners screaming more. To get the full experience, it is not enough to just listen to the tracks, but to watch the boys play it themselves.

Caged in Rage: The first album that He Who Dredz were to release. The name of the album says it all. The feeling of loneliness, transferring to anger, to a point where it cannot be taken anymore. Written at a hard time is life, I feel that fans can greatly connect to this album.