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"The first thing that caught our ears was the amazing singing styles of this lead singer. They have just released their debut CD, Piecemeal, and are already receiving great reviews. These five musicians just may be on to something hereā€¦" - CBCRadio3

"Indoor Recess"

"Hewit bare little resemblance to anything else coming out of Canada these days. Their ultra emotive melodies and plain-sight lyrics go right to the heart of issues both personal and global in the most musically memorable manner. With the release of their critically-acclaimed debut CD, Piecemeal, Hewit has proven itself worthy of the countless fans joining the fold." - Joanne Setterington

"Juno-nominated Producer..."

"Finally... a band with some intelligent songs that can actually be deemed radio worthy. Hewit's lead singer, Joel Auge, has one of the finest voices I have ever heard". - Joao Carvalho

"Mix 99.9 FM - Toronto's Mix"

"I am so impressed with the sound of this band. Joel Auge and the rest of the boys have a completely unique sound and the type of energy that will be winning them more fans for years to come. I love them. I love them. I LOVE THEM. I hope you understand, in a totally non-man-loving way. I hum their tunes and when you hear them so will you!" - Humble Howard, DJ, Mix 99.9, Toronto - Humble Howard

"Swedish 4 Star Review"

Music is all about melodies and the Canadian band Hewit should be given an award of any kind for their intelligent and hauntingly beautiful melodies on their 6 track debut EP "Piecemeal".
It's real easy to love Joel Auge's voice,he knows how to spellbind the listener with his angelic way of singing - you can practice to become a good singer but you cannot practice to get such a fantastic voice that Joel has.....you're born with it.
He's a natural talent and backed by 4 great musicians,you could say Hewit has taken influences both from the Britpop genre as well as a piece of the modern rock genre.
The Beatles-esque "Backhanded love song" puts a big smile on my face,"Hearing today" and "Beautiful" walks in the footsteps of Coldplay while "Resolve" and "Okay" have more in common with bands like Stabilo and The Fray.
The opening track "Lost" is my favorite which is poetic and timeless,it reminds a bit of Luna Halo's original style.
Highly recommendable!
Rating - 4 Stars
Kaj Roth - www.melodic.net - www.melodic.net


kay. Listen...I originally had "Beautiful" chosen for SOTW 81, but then Joel from Hewit sent me this song.

And oh my jesus.

I grappled with the moral decision...do I change my SOTW? Is it in stone? I had the power, but truly, did I have the right?

I decided it harmed nobody, and benefitted Hewit as they ought to be benefitted, so hell. I changed SOTW 81 to THIS new song ("Lost") from Hewit. This is just absolutely fantastic. The recording is top notch, the melody is stellar. This band knows how to write songs, I don't know whether to make a teenie cardboard sign like "LET'S PLAY HEWIT IN THE CLOSET" or initiate a hostile takeover of Sony Music Canada and force them to sign this band.

I hope you enjoy the song. Nah, actually I don't...I know you'll love it!!

Congrats Hewit!! You did it again!

kate - Kate Rose


Hewit | Piecemeal - 05/30/2005

Television Placements:
1)"Okay" licensed to YTV's "Girlstuff/Boystuff" and "Naturally Sadie"
2)"Resolve" licensed to CTV movie "Playing House"
3)"Lost" licensed to CTV movie "8 Days To Live"
Radio Airplay:
1)"Okay" in rotation on Sirius Satellite Radio
2)"Lost" in rotation on CBC's Galaxie Radio
3)"Lost", "Beautiful" and "Okay" in rotation on over 100 U.S. and Canadian college radio stations as of October 2006.



Based in the Golden Horseshoe of Southern Ontario, Canada, Hewit is a band with a passion for their art, that want the whole world as an audience.
With a successful college radio promotion in the fall of 2006, an increasingly busy performance schedule, and more television placements in the near future, 2007 promises to be their breakout year.
Join the masses who are discovering their music and experiencing their stunning live performances.