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Bartlesville, OK | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Bartlesville, OK | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




Review Up to Date information via Hex Fallen's official website: www.HexFallen.com under the INFO section of his website. -


The following is a list of Independent release's of which: Hex Fallen, has been apart of as an artist:

2003: "THE HAUNTED WAREHOUSE" - Dramacyde.

2006: "ROT - Tha' Single" - Chushingore.
"DEAD BODY BBQ" - Chushingore.

2007: "Children of the Night" - EP.
"NOCTURNAL" - The Stitcher Film Soundtrack.

2009: "OF tha NIGHT" - Single.

2012 / 2013:
"HEXORCISM" - Digital & Hard Copy Versions.
"HALLOWsNACHT" - (Of tha Night Re-Animated Haunts).

Arriving Soon: "ALONE I STAND - EP"



Hex Fallen, is an independent and original artist hailing from Oklahoma. Bringing his own original style to Fright Rap and Experimental style's to: Hip/Hop, Rock, & Pop genre's.

Bringing his own form which he call's - "Music from the Beyond!" Self made and self supported. Hex Fallen, moves through the independent music scene like a shadow. Always there and ready to bring an intense presence to any stage he enters.

Comparing Hex Fallen's music to others, is a harsh road. If you mixed the likes of: Twisted, Rob Zombie, AC/DC, Danzig, and the Thrill Kill Cult. You might have a close clone. Still with Hex Fallen the art he creates, is hard to console into one form or specific type. Since, HF's art is constantly evolving. Hex Fallen has fashioned his own brand and style to the art he creates and exhibits to the public. Creating a open door or gate into the listener's own soul. Letting them decifer the pieces they may take from each song. Allowing the listener to apply into their own lives.

Hex Fallen over time has had various indepenedent release's. To include having his music featured in Independent horror films, such as Next Monkey Horror Films & VCI Entertainments own, "The Stitcher". Hex Fallen, owns and operates his post production studio: D.MORGUE SOUND Studio & it's division Murder Morgue Records. Via the official Hex Fallen website: www.HexFallen.com & D.MORGUE SOUND Studio, and Murder Morgue Records website: www.MurderMorgue.com

Hex Fallen, has completed approximately 142 shows in his career span. Although a shadow to the industry. This is no spring chicken. Hiring him for a gig. Will provide you with the best and most professional of demeanors as an artist and former soldier.

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For More Information Connect Today at: www.MurderMorgue.com

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