The Misfits meet Jerry Reed and get into a fist fight while the New york Dolls kiss Ace Frehley in the security office while watching the fight on closed circut T.V. Then they all drink some bourbon and curse commercial radio as it is know today!


4 dirty jerks and a girl playing music for the crowds. We play it, they come and smash chairs and sing our anthems! We play honest blue collar punk rock music. We don't do it for the $$, just the love of the fans and the scene. The best live show this side of Lake Michigan!


You can hear us @ myspace.com/thehexbombs

Set List

We play 99% originals! We have (right now) a 1 hour set that we adjust for the venue/show. We have a handfull of really old covers including "American Nightmare"-the Misfits, "Jet Boy Jet Girl"- the Damned, "Let's go to the Hop"-Danny and the Juinors, "2000 man"- Ace Frehley(Orginaly written by the Rolling Stones)