Hex Machine

Hex Machine

 Richmond, Virginia, USA

"Fixator" is the new loud playing album produced by Tim Green out now from Learning Curve Records!


Hex Machine on the new record "Fixator" and the track "You've Got Crime":

"A mysterious figure heals people by driving ancient metal spikes through their soul. For those that remain, two smokes and a mirror existence is the structured settlement where the application process is very hard and somewhat frightening, and then death is noticed. Meanwhile, the background noise is set to stun in a metal framework, while what's inside is sensitive yet firm, and ready to fuck the lethargy right out of you. Which of course is anything but delusional."

"'You've Got Crime' is a layered cake made while under the influence of cooking shows hosted by Cronenberg & Lynch, intentionally baked for the parade of walking convalescence who are now the cool people. This is music for people who obsess over the potential for fresh bondage."

About Hex Machine:

Since the release of their debut album Omen Mas, Hex Machine has soldiered on in feigned attempts to contain its angular raging bull on acid approach to the stage with the likes of the Jesus Lizard, Clutch, Harvey Milk, Converge, and Lamb of God. Scenes at dives and dark caves all across the US, as well as appearances at various putrid fests such as SXSW, created a type of bangover likening the band to a state of mind akin to the rock freak magnet that is now considered classic hardcore Touch&Go / Amphetamine Reptile guitar strangling mind-spelunking rawk. After finally being committed to a secluded studio deep in the Northern California woods, these newly frankensteined tracks were confined to tape by agent Tim Green (Melvins, Earthless). Off in the distance, their signal soon showed up on radar at an Amrep army officer's club, commonly referred to as "Grumpy's", by recruiters known as Learning Curve Records. For the last decade, this outfit has been known for picking up the slack while Amrep retards their missions, yet operating out the same barracks.

This new Fixator, of which we are foreplaying, is a structured audio erection, aligned with slaying precision from the cursed hands that taunted sultry heads with such coarse ear candy as Run to Earth, and Omen Mas. And isn't it just what we need, another dense boulder to the mind?

As we continue to see it, this devoluted world is packed now more than ever with strange mongrels, street urchins broken in their lazy chair, and many a self~prescribing nurse outside the ER, perpetually hungering for that at once ancient rage. And as well for those we have not covered, that seek this model structured settlement of our past present times, let this be our Fixator.


Black Skeleton

Written By: TT

Out of sight out of sound you reveal your black skeleton
you look out you look down you reveal a black skeleton

You pick the axe
I'll take a pic
a faded memory away
out of my hands
into the ground
it surely never goes away?

Hook and Eyes

Written By: TT

Get a hold of your life
you got your blind eye open
to the monkey on your back
you just celebrate

Get a load of your life
you know it's hard to skin a cat
on the slippery side of the knife

It comes for me
It comforts me
you just celebrate

Get a load of your life
you know it's hard to
skin a cat on the slippery side of the night

It comes for me
It comforts me

never fake your prey
you do it everyday
and suffice to say
you shalt never pay
it comforts me


Condor Hour Demo 2006
Hex Machine "S/t" 7" (Relapse)
Black Skeleton Demo
Contamination Tour 06 Compilation (Relapse)
Skull Vacuum Demo 2007
Run To Earth 12"/CD ep (Molsook) 2007
Omen Mas CD (Minimum Underdrive) 2009
Omen Mas 12" LP (MU) 2011
Fixator LP/CD (Learning Curve) 2012

Set List

Don't touch my Moustache
Shameless Premonition
Nude Model Harvey
Headless Chub
Glass Fed

1/22/2012 National Theater Richmond, VA

Haunted Doll Factory
Black Skeleton
Hook and Eyes
Nude Model Harvey
Lunatic Sun
Peristalsis Hilton

12/27/10 National Theater
Richmond, VA