BandR&BHip Hop

my music is soul touchen in music that people related to as love couples can vibe to


my influences is the vibe of life and todays youth,whats set me apart from other bands is that a lots of bands dont have my style of music special my age.my story is i cum from a small town with lots of talnet but there to ways to make it out and thats tru football & death..so i wont to be the first to make it out tru music and turn around in tell the youth they can do the same without drugs,jail,& difrrent crime.


da prince which drops march 2010 with it's hit single title (that gurl) is being played on the radio.also my new hit single title (beat it) is touch the airwave underground

Set List

my sets is 30min long 8songs urban/r&b & hip hop